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  1. Roman empire prospers
  2. it's safe & a good place for trading
  3. Harbor
  4. India & China
  5. where the Black Sea flows into the straits of the Bosporus across from Asia Minor
  1. a What did Justinian believe that could happen through a good system of law?
  2. b Why do you think the Athenians moved from Athens to Byzantium?
  3. c Byzantium was a good location for trade because they had a _______ north of the village?
  4. d Where did people travel across land to sell spices & silk?
  5. e Describe where they built the village Byzantium?

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  1. How long did it take Tribonia to finish the code (law)?
  2. Why was Constantine's new city so secure?
  3. What did the Roman emperor change the name of the city & it became one of the greatest cities in the world?
  4. Describe the topography and natural resources of Turkey?
  5. What is a large open-air stadium that Belisarius attacked the Blues & the Greens as they were holding a meeting?

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  1. Egypt, Carthage, and ItalyWhat did Constantine use as a unifying force within his kingdom?


  2. Greek colonistsWho built the village of Byzantium and they are from Athens?


  3. Black SeaTo trade with Asia, people could also travel around the _____?


  4. minaretsWhat did the Ottoman Turks add, that is four surrounding towers in 1453?


  5. the Greens & the BluesWhat are the sports clubs that almost everyone in Constantinople belonged to?


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