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  1. high taxes; they looted & burned much of the city
  2. Justinian I
  3. it's safe & a good place for trading
  4. the Greens & the Blues
  5. a Greek cross
  1. a Why do you think the Athenians moved from Athens to Byzantium?
  2. b What are the sports clubs that almost everyone in Constantinople belonged to?
  3. c What was the cause of the Nika Riots, and what did the club members do?
  4. d Who was the first great emperor of Byzantium that ruled from 527-565?
  5. e What was the church built in the form of?

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  1. Why did Justinian not run for his life during the Nika Riots?
  2. What did Constantine legalize?
  3. What's the name Romans gave to nomadic people who did not have the same culture as Rome & did not speak Latin or Greek?
  4. What was the new, much shorter law code called?
  5. What did Justinian believe that could happen through a good system of law?

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  1. He made Constantinople more beautiful. He built churches, government buildings, public baths & aqueducts.How did Justinian take advantage of the destruction after the Nika Riots?


  2. HarborByzantium was a good location for trade because they had a _______ north of the village?


  3. minaretsWhat did the Ottoman Turks add, that is four surrounding towers in 1453?


  4. TriboniaWhat did the Greens & the Blues do when they disagreed with the government?


  5. India & ChinaWhat was the most famous structure that Justinian built at this time & the church still stands today?


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