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  1. minarets
  2. persecution
  3. General Belisarius
  4. Haggia Sophia
  5. Roman empire prospers
  1. a What was the most famous structure that Justinian built at this time & the church still stands today?
  2. b What did the Ottoman Turks add, that is four surrounding towers in 1453?
  3. c What did Constantine outlaw?
  4. d What did Justinian believe that could happen through a good system of law?
  5. e Who was sent to re-conquer the western provinces?

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  1. What did the Roman emperor change the name of the city & it became one of the greatest cities in the world?
  2. Constantine gave ______ the same benefits that were enjoyed by pagan priests.
  3. What did Constantine use as a unifying force within his kingdom?
  4. Who did Justinian hire to simplify the law? (he's a member of the court)
  5. What did Constantine legalize?

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  1. VandalsHow long did it take Tribonia to finish the code (law)?


  2. a circus performerWhat was Theodora before she married the emperor?


  3. repaired the city wallsThe Greens & the Blues played games, but they also guarded the city & _______?


  4. HarborWhat's the name Romans gave to nomadic people who did not have the same culture as Rome & did not speak Latin or Greek?


  5. He made Constantinople more beautiful. He built churches, government buildings, public baths & aqueducts.What was the cause of the Nika Riots, and what did the club members do?


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