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  1. Alliances
  2. Peral Harbor
  3. Holocaust
  4. Dictator
  5. Atomic Bomb
  1. a A bomb necular power.
  2. b Mass murder of Jews.
  3. c Ruler with total power over country.
  4. d An agreement between 2 or more countries to help each other out in war.
  5. e Was US naval base in the Y.

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  1. Nazi leader.
  2. Battle of Russia and Germany in battle.
  3. Britain prime minster.
  4. Code name for atomic bomb.
  5. Itlain dictator.

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  1. MacArthurRuler with total power over country.


  2. Neutrality ActWas US naval base in the Y.


  3. WWIIWar between Axis and Allies. During 1939-1945.


  4. FascismGovernment more important than individual.


  5. HiroshimaBritain prime minster.


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