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  1. Supinator Action
  2. Pectoralis Minor Orgin
  3. Pectoralis Major action, Lower Fibers
  4. Rhomboid Insertion
  5. Deltoid Action, Anterior
  1. a Medial Border of scapula
  2. b 3rd to 5th Rib
  3. c Abduction, Flexion, Horizontal Adduction, Internal Rotation
  4. d Suppination
  5. e Internal rotation, horizontal adduction, extension of glenohumeral joint

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  1. Intraglenoid tubercle, humerus
  2. Adduction, Horizontal abduction, Internal Rotation
  3. Adduction and downward rotation
  4. Supraspinatus Fossa
  5. Lip of intertubercular groove

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  1. Triceps InsertionOlecran process of the ulna


  2. Deltoid InsertionMedial Border of scapula


  3. Teres Minor ActionExtension, Internal Rotation, Adduction


  4. Supraspinatus InsertionGreater Tubercle of humerus


  5. Brachioradialis InsertionStyloid process on the radius


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