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  1. Brachialis Action
  2. Pectoralis Major action, Lower Fibers
  3. Teres Minor Action
  4. Infraspinatus Action
  5. Deltoid Action, Back
  1. a Stablization
  2. b Stablilzation
  3. c TRUE flexion of the elbow
  4. d Abduction, Extension, Horizontal abduction, External rotation
  5. e Internal rotation, horizontal adduction, extension of glenohumeral joint

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  1. Extension, Internal Rotation, Adduction
  2. Intertubercular groove of the humerus
  3. Condyloid ridge of the humerus
  4. 3rd to 5th Rib
  5. Illium, sacrum, lumbar, and lower six thoracic

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  1. Infraspinatus InsertionGreater Tubercle of humerus


  2. Trapezius ActionAnd head movement or rotation


  3. Pectoralis Major action, Upper FibersInternal rotation, horizontal adduction, extension of glenohumeral joint


  4. Brachioradialis ActionPushes elbow together (stabilization)


  5. Triceps OriginElbow Extension, adduction, horizontal abduction


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