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  1. Subscapularis Insertion
  2. Prectoralis Major Insertion
  3. Teres Major Insertion
  4. Triceps Origin
  5. Levator Scapula Action
  1. a Intertubercular groove of the humerus
  2. b Elevate Scapula
  3. c Intraglenoid tubercle, humerus
  4. d Lesser Tubercle of humerus
  5. e Lip of intertubercular groove

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  1. 3rd to 5th Rib
  2. Greater Tubercle of humerus
  3. Proximal Radius
  4. Greater tubercle of humerus
  5. Internal rotation, horizontal adduction, flexion( up to 60 degrees) abduction(above 90 degrees) adduction(below 90 degrees)

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  1. Rhomboid InsertionMedial Border of scapula


  2. Levator Scapula InsertionElevate Scapula


  3. Deltoid Action, MiddleAbduction


  4. Trapezius OriginOccipital Protuberance


  5. Biceps Brachi InsertionElbow Flexion, Suppination, weak shoulder joint flexor


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