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  1. Supraspinatus Insertion
  2. Deltoid Origin
  3. Deltoid Insertion
  4. Petoralis. Minor Action
  5. Levator Scapula Insertion
  1. a Abduction, Downward Rotation
  2. b Greater Tubercle of humerus
  3. c Deltoid tuberosity
  4. d Medial Border of scapula
  5. e Clavicle, acromion, lateral edge of scapula

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  1. Styloid process on the radius
  2. Coracoid Process
  3. Elbow Extension, adduction, horizontal abduction
  4. Elbow Flexion, Suppination, weak shoulder joint flexor
  5. Scapula

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  1. Subscapularis InsertionLesser Tubercle of humerus


  2. Lattisimus Dorsi InsertionAdduction, Horizontal abduction, Internal Rotation


  3. Subscapularis ActionInternal rotation, adduction, extension, stablization


  4. Rhomboid InsertionAdduction and downward rotation


  5. Subscapularis OriginInternal rotation, adduction, extension, stablization


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