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  1. anti-histamines GERO
  2. Non-benzodiazepine Sedative-hypnotic Breast Feeding
  3. Beta blocker MOA
  4. alpha 2-adrenergic agonist Brest feeding
  5. Benzo-diazapines SE
  1. a drowsiness, lack of coordination (impaired driving skills), cognitive impairements, paradoxical effects (aggression, insomnia, anxiety, seizure, irritable, impulsive).
  2. b More sensitive to the SE/AE and increased risk for falls while taking these drugs, used cautiously. lower dose recommended.
  3. c Will pass into breastmilk, not recommended,
  4. d no
  5. e Block the effects of epinephrine and norepinephrine from beta-adrenergic receptors throughout the body (beta 1 and beta 2); decrease HR and BP associated with anxiety, has NO effect on cognition

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  1. first-generation antihistamine to block histamine at the H1 receptor sites in CNS
  2. do not drink grapefruit juice with medication, can cause drug toxicity
  3. Prescribed lower doses; more likely to cause mental confusion, hypoglycemia
  4. • depression, worsening
    • suicidal ideation
    • aggressive behavior
    • complex sleep-related behavior
    • hallucinations
    • amnesia
    withdrawal if abrupt D/C
  5. increased CNS depression may occur when given with other CNS depressants ((alcohol, opiods and barbiturates )

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  1. Beta blocker Monitoring TestUse with caution


  2. Beta blocker Patient EducationReport SOB, new-onset depression or worsen existing depression. Start lowest and go slow. Do not suddenly stop taking.Do not stand or sit up too quickly; hold onto railings when going up/down steps. Educate diabetics to check glucose levels often.


  3. Beta blocker PediatricPrescribed lower doses; more likely to cause mental confusion, hypoglycemia


  4. Beta blocker SEdecrease sexual ability, dizziness or light-headedness, fatigue or weakness; difficulty breathing or wheezing, shortness of breath


  5. Benzo-diazapines EEfirst line drug used to treat acute anxiety and agitation SHORT term (PRN), alcohol withdrawal, anxiety related to surgery and procedures, insomnia, seizures. Should not be given longer than 2-4 weeks, used as prn to treat acute anxiety and rapidly relieve the symtptoms.


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