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  1. Newborn Respiratory
  2. Apgar (Respirations) Rate
  3. Code PINK
  4. Urinary Function in Newborn
  5. Newborn Heart
  1. a cannot be d/c until urinated, may take 24 hours, document
  2. b normal to have murmur
  3. c baby abduction
  4. d absent- 0
    weak,irregular, gasping- 1
    good cry- 2
  5. e normal to have moments of apnea under 20 secs

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  1. 32-36cm
  2. startle reflex
  3. apically 110-160 bpm
  4. foot is down and in, needs cast and surgery
  5. used in eyes at birht as a protocol to prevent chlamydia and or gonnorhea form entering eyes and causing blindness

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  1. Supernumerary digitskin tag WITHOUT BONE, will tie off and die


  2. Acrocyanosisperipheral blueness of hands and feet, normal


  3. Caput Succedaneumlosing heat by direct skin contact with a cold surface


  4. Grasp reflexclutch hands into fists


  5. Normal Newborn Respiratory Rate30-60 bpm


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