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  1. Nose assessment
  2. Clubfoot
  3. Breasts
  4. Physiological jaundice
  5. Apgar (Reflex)/Irritability Rate
  1. a foot is down and in, needs cast and surgery
  2. b nose breathers untill 4 mos, they do not breathe through mouth
  3. c No response- 0
    Grimace or weak cry- 1
    good cry- 2
  4. d Normal-yellow tinge to eyes and skin
  5. e Preterm-no tissue under breast
    Post term- has breast buds

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  1. measure at nipple to be 2cm less than head circumference, breast enlargement normal due to over access of mothers hormones
  2. abnormal ventricle, curvature of penis like GONZO
  3. baby abduction
  4. 3 mins before going into Nursery
  5. place infant in warmer

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  1. Vernix38-42 weeks


  2. Surfactantchemical in preterm babys' lungs


  3. Apgar Muscle Tone (Activity) Rateabsent- 0
    weak,irregular, gasping- 1
    good cry- 2


  4. Spina Bifidaopening in spine, spinal cord may protrude, in utero surgery


  5. Post Termgreater than 42 weeks


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