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  1. Supernumerary digit
  2. Chest circumference
  3. Central Cyanosis
  4. Conduction
  5. Juandice therapy
  1. a skin tag WITHOUT BONE, will tie off and die
  2. b measure at nipple to be 2cm less than head circumference, breast enlargement normal due to over access of mothers hormones
  3. c losing heat by direct skin contact with a cold surface
  4. d NOT Normal, bluish coloration of lips and face
  5. e sunlight, frequent feedings, bili lights, phototherapy

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  1. should have 2 crease, single crease less common, normal= M shape on hand
  2. peripheral blueness of hands and feet, normal
  3. Preterm-fuzzy
    Post term- fuzz melted
  4. absent- 0
    weak,irregular, gasping- 1
    good cry- 2
  5. 32-36cm

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  1. Ballard Assessmentposture, square window, arm recoil, popliteal angle, scarf sign, heel to ear


  2. 5 objecitves for Apgar gradingColor, pulses, reflexes, acitivty, and respirations


  3. Tonic neck reflexcan see black/white, prefers human face, can see 20/400, eyes are blue or gray until 4months, tears appear at 1-3mos, can fixate on points of interest up close


  4. Torticollistwisted neck, limited motion


  5. Retinal Blastomahigh risk eye problem with leukemia patients


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