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  1. Surfactant
  2. Nystagmus
  3. Babinski
  4. Urinary Function in Newborn
  5. Erythema Toxicum
  1. a big toe moves toward top surface of foot while smaller toe fans out
  2. b involuntary eye movements, eyes may jump or wiggle, NORMAL until 3mos
  3. c chemical in preterm babys' lungs
  4. d cannot be d/c until urinated, may take 24 hours, document
  5. e spotchy erythema with firm yellow white papules that have a red base

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  1. opening in spine, spinal cord may protrude, in utero surgery
  2. nursing goals(breast, uterus, bottom, bowels, lochia, edema)
  3. over riding cranial bones, cone head from vagina, normal, resolves in 5 days if rotated, sutures are NOT fused
  4. the rate of respirations, color(cyanosis), and general behavior
  5. 15/30 min intervals, then hourly, and then every 4 to 8 hours

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  1. Rectal temperature under 97place infant in warmer


  2. Mouth assessmentcleft lip/cleft pallet, check for gag reflex w/ glvoes


  3. Tickle from heel to toefoot goes up and then back down


  4. Desquamationlosing heat by direct skin contact with a cold surface


  5. Umbilical CordPreterm-fuzzy
    Post term- fuzz melted


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