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  1. RED Reflex
  2. Physiological jaundice
  3. Gestational Age
  4. Male Genitalis
  5. Term
  1. a Preterm- smooth
    Post term- rugae and wrinkles
  2. b used to detect cataracts in newborn eyes, Abnormal if light reflects of of it
  3. c actual time in the uterus
  4. d 38-42 weeks
  5. e Normal-yellow tinge to eyes and skin

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  1. the head, put a cap on
  2. Preterm-no tissue under breast
    Post term- has breast buds
  3. Color, pulses, reflexes, acitivty, and respirations
  4. fine hair that disappears after first week, preterms ahve more
  5. proceeds from head to foot

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  1. Hypothermiacan lead to hypoglycemia and respiratory distress


  2. Supernumerary digitraised anywhere on body, fades or disappear by 18 mo


  3. Miliawhite pin point pimples on nose and chin caused by obstruction of sebacceous glands


  4. Proximodistal muscular controltriangular, located b/t the occipital and parietal bones, SMALLER than the anterior. CLOSE by the 2nd mo


  5. Take Newborn pulseat the base of the umbilicus


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