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  1. Term
  2. Portwine Stain
  3. Newborn eyes
  4. Retinal Blastoma
  5. Sternal retractions
  1. a do not disappear, heriditary
  2. b can see black/white, prefers human face, can see 20/400, eyes are blue or gray until 4months, tears appear at 1-3mos, can fixate on points of interest up close
  3. c are reported asap
  4. d high risk eye problem with leukemia patients
  5. e 38-42 weeks

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  1. sunbstance in mothers milk can lead to juandice
  2. normal to have moments of apnea under 20 secs
  3. common in dark skin, spots near scaral and glueteal areas
  4. pearly white pinpoint papules in the midline of upper palate, fluid filled, reslove sponataneously. (distinguish b/t Pearls and Thrush)
  5. nursing goals(breast, uterus, bottom, bowels, lochia, edema)

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  1. RED Reflexused to detect cataracts in newborn eyes, Abnormal if light reflects of of it


  2. Central CyanosisNOT Normal, bluish coloration of lips and face


  3. Polydactyly digitactual extra digit WITH bone, may have movement


  4. Clavicle fracturefrom birth trauma, crepitus and pain, callus forms in 7-10 days, heals in 4-6 weeks


  5. Normal Newborn Blood Pressure80/46 in term infants or 60-95/30-60


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