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  1. Radiation
  2. Breasts
  3. Vernix
  4. Post Term
  5. Anterior Fontanel
  1. a Preterm-no tissue under breast
    Post term- has breast buds
  2. b losing heat by being near a cold surface but NOT in direct contact with it
  3. c water proofing cheesy skin substance at birth
  4. d greater than 42 weeks
  5. e diamond shape, located at junction of the parietal and frontal bones, CLOSE by 12-18mos

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  1. nose breathers untill 4 mos, they do not breathe through mouth
  2. 3 mins before going into Nursery
  3. losing heat of liquids from the skin (sweat)
  4. Preterm- springs slowly, no cartliage
    Post term- springs back quickly-cartilage
  5. place infant in warmer

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  1. Urinary Function in Newborncannot be d/c until urinated, may take 24 hours, document


  2. Nystagmusinvoluntary eye movements, eyes may jump or wiggle, NORMAL until 3mos


  3. Ballard Assessmentposture, square window, arm recoil, popliteal angle, scarf sign, heel to ear


  4. Mongolian Spotsun=ossified spaces or soft spots of the cranium of the young infant, allos molding during birth and brain growth for next 1 1/2 years


  5. Strawbery Markless than 38 weeks


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