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  1. Palmar creases
  2. Apgar score definition
  3. Caput Succedaneum
  4. Gestational Age
  5. Mouth assessment
  1. a cleft lip/cleft pallet, check for gag reflex w/ glvoes
  2. b actual time in the uterus
  3. c swelling of soft tissues, subsides w/o treatment
  4. d standardized method of evaluating the newborn's condition 1 and 5 minutes after birth.
  5. e should have 2 crease, single crease less common, normal= M shape on hand

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  1. 1-2 oz every 3-4hrs first week, stomach size of marble, 90ml/3oz
  2. NOT Normal, bluish coloration of lips and face
  3. flat, red, seen on nape of neck, eyelids, from dilation of small vessels- hemangioma
  4. Color, pulses, reflexes, acitivty, and respirations
  5. losing heat by direct skin contact with a cold surface

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  1. Supernumerary digitactual extra digit WITH bone, may have movement


  2. Apgar (Reflex)/Irritability Rateabsent- 0
    weak,irregular, gasping- 1
    good cry- 2


  3. Newborn eyescan see black/white, prefers human face, can see 20/400, eyes are blue or gray until 4months, tears appear at 1-3mos, can fixate on points of interest up close


  4. Radiationbig toe moves toward top surface of foot while smaller toe fans out


  5. SGAoccurs during sleep, 2wks to 1yr, 6000 yr in U.S., does not cry or show sign of distress


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