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  1. Radiation
  2. Pathological juandice
  3. Plantar Creases
  4. Maintain INfant Temperature by
  5. Syndactyly digit
  1. a losing heat by being near a cold surface but NOT in direct contact with it
  2. b drying after birth, especially hair, place cap on, place naked baby on mom, place on radient warmer
  3. c Fusing or Webbing of digits (sign of royalty from England)
  4. d NOT Normal, secondary to abnormal condition such as AB)-Rh incompatibility, ethnic, or genetic factors, liver defect
  5. e Preterm-slick

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  1. from birth trauma, crepitus and pain, callus forms in 7-10 days, heals in 4-6 weeks
  2. Blue all over or pale- 0
    Pink, hands blue and feet- 1
    Pink all over- 2
  3. Color, pulses, reflexes, acitivty, and respirations
  4. can see black/white, prefers human face, can see 20/400, eyes are blue or gray until 4months, tears appear at 1-3mos, can fixate on points of interest up close
  5. cannot be d/c until urinated, may take 24 hours, document

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  1. Respiratory DistressPreterm-slick


  2. Thermoregulationhip click double diaper


  3. Mouth assessmentposture, square window, arm recoil, popliteal angle, scarf sign, heel to ear


  4. Sunken Fontanelstriangular, located b/t the occipital and parietal bones, SMALLER than the anterior. CLOSE by the 2nd mo


  5. Apgar score less than 3requires gentle stimulation such as RUBBING the abck, and NARCOTICS


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