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  1. Mongolian Spots
  2. Newborn Bones are
  3. Normal Newborn Blood Pressure
  4. Apgar (Reflex)/Irritability Rate
  5. Spina Bifida
  1. a soft and composed of cartilage, joints are elastic, uncoordinated
  2. b No response- 0
    Grimace or weak cry- 1
    good cry- 2
  3. c 80/46 in term infants or 60-95/30-60
  4. d opening in spine, spinal cord may protrude, in utero surgery
  5. e common in dark skin, spots near scaral and glueteal areas

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  1. sunbstance in mothers milk can lead to juandice
  2. newborn uses glucose to keep warm s/s= shaking and jittering
  3. cleft lip/cleft pallet, check for gag reflex w/ glvoes
  4. estiamtes infants gestational age by EXTERNAL characteristics and NEUROMUSCULAR development, MORE accurate than weight
  5. Preterm-slick

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  1. Choanal Atresianare obstruction due to overgrowth of tissues, requires surgery


  2. Chordeeabnormal ventricle, curvature of penis like GONZO


  3. BabinskiPreterm-no tissue under breast
    Post term- has breast buds


  4. Polydactyly digitactual extra digit WITH bone, may have movement


  5. Major site of Infant Heat Loss5-10%


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