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  1. Chordee
  2. Vernix
  3. Sternal retractions
  4. Normal Newborn Heart Rate
  5. Bottle Feeding
  1. a 1-2 oz every 3-4hrs first week, stomach size of marble, 90ml/3oz
  2. b apically 110-160 bpm
  3. c abnormal ventricle, curvature of penis like GONZO
  4. d are reported asap
  5. e water proofing cheesy skin substance at birth

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  1. yellow skin due to high bili levels
  2. nose breathers untill 4 mos, they do not breathe through mouth
  3. occurs during sleep, 2wks to 1yr, 6000 yr in U.S., does not cry or show sign of distress
  4. posture, square window, arm recoil, popliteal angle, scarf sign, heel to ear
  5. absent-0
    Below 100-1
    Above 100- 2

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  1. Hydroceleexcessive fluid around testicles, fluid dark w/ flashlight= intestines dropped or testicle is twisted, surgery


  2. NOrmal Newborn EYE findingsretinal or subconjunctival hemmorhages, lid edema and lid eversion, blood shot eyes


  3. Anterior Fontanelmalnutrition, dehydration, reduced intracranial pressure


  4. Proximodistal muscular controltriangular, located b/t the occipital and parietal bones, SMALLER than the anterior. CLOSE by the 2nd mo


  5. Surfactantlosing heat by direct skin contact with a cold surface


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