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  1. adrenergic
  2. effects of parasympathetic ns (rest and digest)
  3. Atropine ADR's
  4. Norepinephrine (NE)
  5. effects of sympathetic ns (fight or flight)
  1. a -decrease HR and contractability
    -bronchoconstriction (spasms)
    -increase muscus
    -lower BP
    -pupils constrict
    -increase GI activity
    -bladder constricts
  2. b same
  3. c -dry airways
    -dry eyes
    -decreased urinary output
  4. d -increase HR
    -increased BP
    -pupils dilate
    -decreased digestion
  5. e sympathetic transmitter

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  1. -first synapse of the peripheral nerve from spinal cord
    -use ACh as neurotransmitters
    -have synapse recepters that are nicotine receptors
    -pass signal to postsynaptic neuron and smooth muscle.
  2. parasympathetic transmitter
  3. block the muscarine receptors on the smooth muscle in the bonchioles, causing bronchodilation
  4. -epinephrine-anaphylaxis
    -dobtamine-heart failure
    -phenylephrine-nasal congestion-increase BP
    -beta 2 agonist-asthma
  5. sensory nerves, carry sensory info back to the brain

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  1. Anticholineric drugsblock parasymphathetic nerves


  2. antimuscarnicblock the receptor


  3. beta agoniststimulate heart


  4. Somatic nervous systemcontrols sketel muscle(efferent)


  5. Atropineanticholinergic drug used to increase heart rate. overdosing or side effects have the opposite effect of the parasympathetic ns


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