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  1. Agonist
  2. adrenergic
  3. acetylcholine esterase
  4. Anticholineric drugs
  5. Nervous system
  1. a act directly on the receptor
  2. b -block actelecholine drugs
    -prevent bronch constriction (not dilate)
    *atropine, ipratropium bromide MDI/SVN
  3. c same
  4. d -stops the action of ACh
  5. e CNS- brain and spinal
    PNS- nerves outside of brain and spinal cord

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  1. parasympathetic transmitter
  2. sympathetic transmitter
  3. nicotinic blockers
    -used for intubation or for pt fighting vent
  4. mimic the sympathetic system
  5. blocks the parasympathetic ns

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  1. Atropineanticholinergic drug used to increase heart rate. overdosing or side effects have the opposite effect of the parasympathetic ns


  2. beta 1 agoniststimulate heart


  3. effects of sympathetic ns (fight or flight)-increase HR
    -increased BP
    -pupils dilate
    -decreased digestion


  4. what are the effects of the sympathetic ns releasing NE at the beta -1, alpha and beta-2 receptors on the smooth muscle?-bronchodilation
    -vasoconstriction in the vasular system
    -increase HR and force of hearts contraction


  5. Somatic nervous systemcontrols sketel muscle(efferent)


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