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  1. preganglionic synapse
  2. what is used to paralyze a patient?
  3. Efferent nerves
  4. what are the effects of the sympathetic ns releasing NE at the beta -1, alpha and beta-2 receptors on the smooth muscle?
  5. sympathomimetic drugs
  1. a motor nerves, carry signals to muscles
  2. b -first synapse of the peripheral nerve from spinal cord
    -use ACh as neurotransmitters
    -have synapse recepters that are nicotine receptors
    -pass signal to postsynaptic neuron and smooth muscle.
  3. c -bronchodilation
    -vasoconstriction in the vasular system
    -increase HR and force of hearts contraction
  4. d -epinephrine-anaphylaxis
    -dobtamine-heart failure
    -phenylephrine-nasal congestion-increase BP
    -beta 2 agonist-asthma
  5. e nicotinic blockers
    -used for intubation or for pt fighting vent

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  1. acetylcholine (ACh)
  2. -dry airways
    -dry eyes
    -decreased urinary output
  3. -Smooth and cardiac muscle and glands
    *Parasympathetic Branch(homeostasis, daily maint.)
    *Sympathetic Branch (alert system)
  4. block the receptor
  5. mimic the sympathetic system

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  1. Anticholineric drugsblock parasymphathetic nerves


  2. Agonistblock the receptor


  3. Somatic nervous systemcontrols involuntary actions
    -heart bronchial, smooth muscle, GI, reproductive, vasomotor tone


  4. Norepinephrine (NE)parasympathetic transmitter


  5. Anticholinergicblock parasymphathetic nerves


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