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  1. colonization of England; they cut down primeval forests and developed heavy clay soil of central England for cultivation
  2. Baptism and Anointing of the Sick
  3. manual labor
  4. development of Common Law
  5. Philip tried to collect taxes from clergy without papal consent
  1. a Over what issue did Philip IV and Pope Boniface clash?
  2. b What was the greatest achievement of the Anglo-Saxons?
  3. c What was Henry II's greatest contribution to the growth of strong central government in England?
  4. d What type of behavior/activity was stressed in the Benedictine Rule?
  5. e What sacraments were the faithful permitted to receive during "Church lockout"?

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  1. What was the "key" issue over which popes and Holy Roman Emperors clashed?
  2. What heresy was used by Philip II to justify his military action(s) in southern France?
  3. What was the issue over which Henry II and Thomas Becket quarreled?
  4. What were the goals of the Cluniac movement?
  5. What non-religious (non-dogmatic) reform was instituted by Pope Gregory VII?

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  1. 1owning land and 2participating in many occupations like trade and handicraftsWhat restrictions did the Catholic Church impose on Jews during the Middle Ages?


  2. pope relinquished demand to rule religious estates in GermanyWhat sacraments were the faithful permitted to receive during "Church lockout"?


  3. 1set minimum age for marriage, 2Church courts fined men who seriously injured wives (rule of thumb), and 3double standard-Church punished women for offenses more harshly than menIn what ways did the Church attempt to protect women during the Middle Ages?


  4. ruled England - Normandy - Anjou (northern France south of Normandy)What concession to the Holy Roman Emperor(s) did the Catholic Church make as a result of the Concordat of Worms?


  5. every vassal swore first allegiance to William over all other lords, making him the liege lordWhat types of social services did monasteries and convents provide during the Middle Ages?


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