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  1. toxic shock syndrome
  2. SVC syndrome
  3. gemfibrozil
  4. beta lactams
  5. Isoniazide and rifampin
  1. a Antihyperlipidemic fiber derivative
    ↑ cholesterol excretion in liver
  2. b targets cell wall.
  3. c Treats TB
  4. d distended neck veins swelling of the face, neck, UE cyanosis conjunctival injc
    80% caused by bronchogenic carcinoma (most frequent is SCC)
  5. e Caused by superabsorbent tampons. Infection with Staph Aureus and subsequent toxicity of exotoxin TSST ------> systemic anaphylaxis. Fever, vomiting, diarrhea Red rash followed by desquamation

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  1. mold with irregular nonseptate hyphae branching at WIDE ANGLES GREateER THAN 90 DEGREES (see in DJA and leukemic tx with sx!
    -Affiliated w diabetes
  2. most important photochormogen
    lung infection resembles TB; found in contaminated water
    tx: INH, RIF, EMB but resists PZA
  3. Has IgA protease
  4. alpha toxin=lecithinase=phospholipase C which causes red blood cells to split and by destroying lecithin, a component of phospholipids found in RBCs, thus causes massive hemolysis and necrosis when a person gets infected with this toxin
  5. Selective media for N. gonorrhea
    PMN: Always the rich people who have the STDs

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  1. Hepatitis B replicationdouble-stranded DNA — template ±RNA — progeny double-stranded DNA.
    1. HBV integrates into the host DNA
    2. DNA is transcribed to RNA
    3. RT converts the RNA back to DNA

    This allows us to use drugs that inhibit RT (like in HIV)


  2. Nocardiaring enhancing lesions


  3. Bacillus anthracisAnthrax, Soil, Non-motile, Tissue damage and Edema; can live at very high temp by forming spores (which can be killed by autoclaving)


  4. HPV 16,18Human papilloma virus (HPV) types 16, 18, and 31 are strongly associated with anal and cervical squamous cell carcinoma.
    HIV infection increases the prevalence of HPV infection and increases the risk of anal carcinoma in HIV positive homosexual males.


  5. Presence of ↑↑↑↑ AbSudden onset of mental status changes, emesis, and liver dysfunction after taking aspirin.


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