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  1. Rubella
  2. Adeno, Papilloma, Polyoma,(ssDNA), Hepatitis B
  3. Cryptococcus
  4. Most common causes of osteomyelitis in children
  5. Protective mechanisms- Verotoxin
  1. a budding yeast
    -Yeast form only
    -Diagnosed w latex agglutination test
    Tx: Ampho B and flucytosine; fluconazone
  2. b Non-enveloped double stranded DNA virus
  3. c Staph aureus
    Strep A
    Strep B
  4. d Shiga-like toxin by E coli= EHEC
  5. e Cause: Viral Infection during pregnancy. The most severe damage occurs if the infection occurs during the first trimester. Blood titers are available to confirm infection or past infection. Major diagnostic features include congenital heart defects, deafness, cataracts or glaucoma, PDA. Mental retardation may not be present or retardation can range from mild to profound. Treatment: Lens implants can remedy the cataracts. Surgery can repair some of the heart defects.

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  1. 1. Principal cell= reabsorbs Na and H20 and excretes K
    2. alpha-intercalated cell= excretes H to equalise charge from lost K
  2. an abnormal deficiency or absence of free hydrochloric acid in the gastric juice or prolonged PPI use
    -Pts w/ hepatitis or pancreatitis are not susceptible increased cholera b/c these organs are not involved in cholera
  3. most important photochormogen
    lung infection resembles TB; found in contaminated water
    tx: INH, RIF, EMB but resists PZA
  4. Autoimmune reaction that occurs following reaction that occurs following untreated Strep A pharyngitis. Ag similarity between bacterial Ag and normal self Ag in the heart and CNS are believed to cause formation of anti-self Ab resulting in RF
  5. (Vd*ln 2)/CL where Vd=volume of distribution, CL=clearance

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  1. diptheriaShould not be used in children <12 yo as it will cause Reye syndrome


  2. Heat-killed vaccinationsBordetella, Vibrio, Yersinia


  3. Machine-like murmur-Lincosamide
    Treats: G+ve rods, anaerobes
    MOA: Inihibits 50S
    MOResistance: Methylation binding site on 50S
    Tox: GI irritation, skin rash, C. difficile superinfection


  4. MinocyclineTreats listeria


  5. Bordet-Gengou mediumSelective media for N. gonorrhea
    PMN: Always the rich people who have the STDs


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