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  1. the culture and traditions handed down from family to family by their ancestors over the years
  2. the sharing of information and ideas
  3. one of a kind; unusual; special
  4. a special day to remember or celebrate something
  5. a people's way of life
  6. People who travel for adventure or to discover new things

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  1. Mardi Grasa celebration that means Fat Tuesday; typically the beginning of Lent (night before Ash Wednesday)


  2. immigrantsPeople who come into a country or region to live


  3. ancestora people's way of doing something


  4. religionbelief in God


  5. point of viewa person who first settles a new place and opens the way for others


  6. Kwanzaafestival that honors African American heritage, 7 days long, between Christmas and New Years


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