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  1. Corporate Strategy, Business Unit Strategy, Functional strategy/tactics
  2. Having the ability to transform inputs into goods and services at a maximum profit on a sustained basis better than one's competitors. You want to be in imperfect competition
  3. What business are we in? Allocation of resources among business units. Ex. Pepsi Co
  4. Explains the essence of an organization-- why it exists, what it wants to be, who serves it, and why it should continue. contains:purpose, value, place in the world.
  5. Future objectives, current strategy, assumptions, capabilities.
  6. Selling your product at lower cost, High volume sales. Perceived value (price vs quality) EX...(State University, Jet Blue, Kia, Old Navy, TImex))

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  1. Stuck in the MiddleSet of goals and policies designed to achieve competitive adv in a particular marketplace.


  2. FocusUnique Product within a semented niche.. Particular product, end-user, or geography.. EX.. Rolls Royce, Ferrari, High end Golf courses, Tag Hauer, Edward Jones))


  3. Business Unit StrategyWhat business are we in? Allocation of resources among business units. Ex. Pepsi Co


  4. Strategic MGMT processID the Organization's misson and objectives, Analyze the Environment or Analyze the organizations resources. --->Formulate strategy, Implement strategy, Evaluate and monitor results.


  5. Functional strategies/ tacticsSpecific to a product, marketing, HR, R&D, operational strategy


  6. Environmental Scanningthis is important because each sector this analyzes represent an important segment of the environment that potentially influences the survival and effectivenes of the organization.


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