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  1. indigenous
  2. congenital
  3. genocide
  4. autocrat
  5. humanities
  1. a Occurring in or characterizing an area; native.
  2. b Branches of knowledge concerned with human beings & their culture: philosophy, literature, & the fine arts, as distinguished from the sciences.
  3. c The planned annihilation of a racial, political, or cultural group.
  4. d Existing at birth but not hereditary.
  5. e A ruler who has absolute or unlimited power; a despot OR any arrogant, dominating person.

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  1. Having the worthy qualities of human beings, such as kindness or compassion.
  2. Aristocratic or well-bred people. In Britain, the class under the aristocracy.
  3. Having parts that are unrelated or completely different.
  4. The branch of medicine dealing with disorders and treatment of the reproductive system in women.
  5. Conceit.

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  1. feminismA supporter of women's claims to the same rights & treatment as men.


  2. homogeneousHaving parts that are unrelated or completely different.


  3. homicideThe killing of one person by another; a person who kills another.


  4. genesisA beginning or origin.


  5. progenitorChildren or descendants; offspring.


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