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  1. genesis
  2. progeny
  3. genocide
  4. ingenious
  5. gynecology
  1. a Cleverly inventive and resourceful.
  2. b The planned annihilation of a racial, political, or cultural group.
  3. c The branch of medicine dealing with disorders and treatment of the reproductive system in women.
  4. d A beginning or origin.
  5. e Children or descendants; offspring.

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  1. Of the same kind or sort.
  2. To give rise to; to bring into existence.
  3. Record of descent from one's ancestors; the study of family records.
  4. Having parts that are unrelated or completely different.
  5. The scientific study of the origins, cultural development, & customs of human beings.

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  1. congenitalA direct ancestor; an originator of a line of descent.


  2. progenitorA direct ancestor; an originator of a line of descent.


  3. gentryA type, class, or category, especially of fine art or literature.


  4. autocratA ruler who has absolute or unlimited power; a despot OR any arrogant, dominating person.


  5. virileHaving certain characteristics traditionally associated with masculinity; especially physical strength, vitality, & assertiveness.


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