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  1. misanthrope
  2. homicide
  3. indigenous
  4. gentile
  5. progeny
  1. a The killing of one person by another; a person who kills another.
  2. b Anyone not of the Jewish faith.
  3. c A person who hates all people.
  4. d Occurring in or characterizing an area; native.
  5. e Children or descendants; offspring.

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  1. Having certain characteristics traditionally associated with masculinity; especially physical strength, vitality, & assertiveness.
  2. A type, class, or category, especially of fine art or literature.
  3. The scientific study of the origins, cultural development, & customs of human beings.
  4. Branches of knowledge concerned with human beings & their culture: philosophy, literature, & the fine arts, as distinguished from the sciences.
  5. Conceit.

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  1. gynecologyThe branch of medicine dealing with disorders and treatment of the reproductive system in women.


  2. humanismA philosophy in which interests & values of human beings are of primary importance.


  3. engenderA type, class, or category, especially of fine art or literature.


  4. autonomyThe condition of being self-governing; independence.


  5. feminismThe belief that women should possess the same political & economic rights as men.


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