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  1. book value
  2. days sales in A/R (Ave collection period)
  3. Days sales in inventory
  4. Dividend yield
  5. percentage decrease.increase in CA/CL
  1. a Dividends per share/share price paid
  2. b 365/A/R Turnover
  3. c BV=Assets-Liabilities
  4. d 365/inventory turnover
  5. e change in total current assets/base year amount of current assets

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  1. EPS/market price per share
  2. market price per share/EPS
  3. 365/A/P turnover
  4. total liabilities/total assets
  5. Net income/# of shares outstanding

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  1. inventory turnoverCOGS/[beg inv+end inv)/2]


  2. ROI (shareholder's return on investment)365/inventory turnover


  3. EPSNet income/total equity


  4. DuPont FrameworkROE=(NI/Sales Rev)(Sales Rev/total assets)(total assets/total equity)


  5. Accounts receivable turnoversales revenue/[(beg A/R +end A/R)/2]


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