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  1. equilibrium between bounded hormones, free hormones and plasma proteins
  2. blot test
  3. Guillemin and Schally
  4. Von Mering and Minkowiski
  5. calcitonin
  1. a determine whether particular nucleic acid or protein present, tissue homogenized and cells lysed with detergent homogenate placed on introcellulose filter, filter incubated with labeled complementary nucleic acid or protein antibody
  2. b helps to regulate calcium if there is to much in the system made by perafolicular cells in pancreaus
  3. c removed pancreas from dogs and noted excess sugar in urine and blood, blood glucose levels rose past absorption rates in kidneys and lead to a high level of sugar in blood
  4. d discovered hypothalamic neurohormones that regulate anterior pituitary gland thyrotopin releasing hormone TRH, suggested a link between hormones and light
  5. e k=[HP]/[H][P]

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  1. single chain polypeptide hormone with 3 amino acids
  2. time required for half of molecules to be inactivated or cleared from circulation (t1/2)
  3. epithelial cell height positively correlated with PRL levels, determine PRL levels using dose-response curve
  4. lowers concentration of glucose in blood
  5. largest class, bind polypeptide hormones, neurotransmitters, rhodopsins, odorant molecules, single chain of 7 hydrophobic transmembrane domains separated by hydrophilic segments, receptor when bound to hormone couples to G proteins

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  1. prostaglandinsinhibit action of hormones, tamoxifen, and E antagonist in breat tissue


  2. membrane receptors with intrinsic enzymatic activityreceptors with tyrosine kinase activity (RTK), receptors with guanlate cyclase activty, not 7-transmembrane receptors, do not associate with G proteins


  3. insulinacidic dye, interacts with basic cellular components


  4. synergistic effectsite other than normal site


  5. friedman testrabbit test for human chronic gonadotropin (hCG), urine from women suspected for being pregnant injected into female rabbit, if woman is pregnant, hCG stimulates rabbit ovaries to form corpora lutca, antibody test for hCG now used


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