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  1. Ernest Starling
  2. antagonists
  3. common neurotransmitters
  4. equilibrium between bounded hormones, free hormones and plasma proteins
  5. monoclonal antibodies
  1. a antibodies produced from hybridomas
  2. b inhibit action of hormones, tamoxifen, and E antagonist in breat tissue
  3. c k=[HP]/[H][P]
  4. d 1905 coined the term hormone from the greek word to arouse or excite
  5. e acetylcholine, dopamine, serotonin

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  1. formed by cellular fusion of a beta lymphocyte and a myeloma, large amounts of specific antibodies obtained from hybridomas
  2. thyroxine decreases thyrotropin-releasing hormone receptors
  3. leukotrines case contraction of small airway passages in lungs, singulair to treat asthma and allergies
  4. effect of two or more hormones acting together greater than sum of their individual effects
  5. recipient benefits

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  1. laborincreased PGF2 alpha, associated with onset, PG inhibitors help prevent premature labor, increased PGF2 alpha decreased bleeding from umbilical cord


  2. endocrine glanda ductless gland that releases a hormone directly into the blood


  3. G proteinsbind guanine nucleotides, guanosine diphosphate (GDP), guanosine triphosphate (GTP), heterotrimers, alpha subunit type determines whether stimulator or inhibitory effects


  4. androgensteroids with masculinizing effects


  5. Banting and Bestdetermine whether particular nucleic acid or protein present, tissue homogenized and cells lysed with detergent homogenate placed on introcellulose filter, filter incubated with labeled complementary nucleic acid or protein antibody


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