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  1. endocrinology
  2. equilibrium between bounded hormones, free hormones and plasma proteins
  3. polypeptide hormones
  4. parathormone
  5. steroid and thyroid hormones
  1. a hormones consisting of amino acids that are joined by peptide bonds, may be stored prior to release, released phasicly, transported free in blood
  2. b the study of endocrine glands, the hormones they produce and the effects of these hormones
  3. c k=[HP]/[H][P]
  4. d transported in blood bound to plasma proteins
  5. e helps to regulate calcium if there is not enough in a system

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  1. effect of two or more hormones acting together greater than sum of their individual effects
  2. long term developmental effects
  3. single chain with a ring
  4. stimulate blood platelet aggregation, synthesized by blood platelets, clotting stimuli such as thrombin stimulate synthesis, increase free Ca2+ and change platelet shape
  5. receptors of steroid hormones, located in cytoplasm or nucleus, associated with heat shock proteins HSPs when not bound to ligand, when bound to hormone form homodimers that bind to hormone response elements HRSs

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  1. kariomoneaffects conspecifics, intra-specific effects


  2. morpholino oligosinhibit blood platelet aggregation, syntesized by endothelial cells of blood vessels, travel to platelets and decrease free Ca2+


  3. inflammation of arteriesisolated extract of insulin from dog pancreas and was able to treat diabetes mellitus 1 with pancreantic islet extract


  4. dysmenorrheachemical messenger produced by endocrine glands or cells where they affect the activity of these cells


  5. cyclic guanosine monophosphate cGMP 2nd messengerrapid effects


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