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  1. agonists
  2. activation G protein signal transduction pathway
  3. spectrophotomer
  4. bayliss and starling
  5. rosalyn yallow
  1. a used to measure bound labeled hormone as indicated by color change caused by enzyme reacting with added substrate
  2. b alpha-GTP activates enzymes, opens ion channels, activation of enzymes and opening of ion channels generates second messengers, pertussis toxin inhibits on reaction only for Gi
  3. c mimic action of hormones, diethylstilbestrol (DES), an estradiol (E) agonist
  4. d discovered the first hormone, secretin, done with dogs, cutting the nervous system to the stomach to prevent any interaction then placed acid in the stomach and saw hormone projection from the pancreas
  5. e developed a method of measuring small amounts of hormones radioimmunoassays

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  1. annealing or paring of complementary strands of nucleic acid
  2. rabbit test for human chronic gonadotropin (hCG), urine from women suspected for being pregnant injected into female rabbit, if woman is pregnant, hCG stimulates rabbit ovaries to form corpora lutca, antibody test for hCG now used
  3. negative feedback is far more important
  4. steroid that effect carbohydrate metabolism
  5. effects of castration and testis replacement found that male roosters did not develop secondary sexual traits

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  1. inflammation of arteriesexcess leukotrines synthesis causes inflammatory response in arterial wall, treat with leukotrine synthesis inhibitors


  2. heterospecific down regulationthyroxine decreases thyrotropin-releasing hormone receptors


  3. enzyme immunoassayquantitative measurement of hormones, hormone labeled with enzyme rather than radioactive isotope


  4. COX2 inhibitorsinduced, selective inhibitors (COXIBS), celebrex, vioxx


  5. exocrine glanda ductless gland that releases a hormone directly into the blood


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