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  1. in situ hybridization
  2. leukotrines
  3. inflammation of arteries
  4. insulin
  5. G proteins
  1. a increase smooth-muscle contraction, blood vessel permeability, and mucosus secretion in airways, synthesized and released by leukocytes, components of inflamatory response
  2. b percise cellular location of RNA or DNA of interest, hybridization of labeled probe occurs within cell
  3. c excess leukotrines synthesis causes inflammatory response in arterial wall, treat with leukotrine synthesis inhibitors
  4. d bind guanine nucleotides, guanosine diphosphate (GDP), guanosine triphosphate (GTP), heterotrimers, alpha subunit type determines whether stimulator or inhibitory effects
  5. e a two chained polypeptide hormone

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  1. recipient benefits
  2. living organizms have an internal state that has to be kept in balance
  3. curves are inverse, the higher the viral count the lower the testosterone levels
  4. steroids with masculinizing effects
  5. tyrosine kinase part of receptor, hormone binding to receptor activates tyrosine kinase, receptor for insulin and epidermal growth factor

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  1. negative vs positive feedbackone hormone must be present for another hormone to act (thyroxine required for GH induced brain growth)


  2. monoclonal antibodiesisolated extract of insulin from dog pancreas and was able to treat diabetes mellitus 1 with pancreantic islet extract


  3. thyrotropin releasing hormonedeactivated by monoamine oxidase (MOA) and/or catecholamine-o-methyl transferase (COMT)


  4. morpholino oligosa synthetic form of antisense oligonucleotides


  5. pheromonesemiter benefits


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