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  1. neurotransmitters
  2. neurosecreory neurons
  3. knockout gene method
  4. half-life of hormones in blood
  5. Hippocrates
  1. a came up with the idea that humans illness could be caused by an imbalance of the 4 humors
  2. b specialized neurons that carry action potentials and release neurohormones
  3. c chemical messengers produced by nerve cells, which are released from the pre-synaptic membrane, diffuse across a synaptic cleft, and bind to receptors of the postsynaptic membrane of a nerve or muscle cell
  4. d disruption of natural occurring gene
  5. e time required for half of molecules to be inactivated or cleared from circulation (t1/2)

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  1. self-administered aqueous extract of dog and guinea pig testies
  2. acetylcholine, dopamine, serotonin
  3. method that uses radioactive labeling to determine anatomical location of hormones
  4. chemical messengers that stimulate or inhibit responses of neurons to neurotransmitters
  5. formed by cellular fusion of a beta lymphocyte and a myeloma, large amounts of specific antibodies obtained from hybridomas

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  1. steroid hormonessulfation and glucornoide formation makes these soluable in water to get out of system


  2. deactivation of cAMP second messengercyclin AMP phosphodiesterase converts cAMP to inactive AMP, phosphodiesterase inhibited by methyl xanthines


  3. glucocorticoidsincrease smooth-muscle contraction, blood vessel permeability, and mucosus secretion in airways, synthesized and released by leukocytes, components of inflamatory response


  4. endocrinologya ductless gland that releases a hormone directly into the blood


  5. insulinsingle chain with a ring


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