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  1. pheromones
  2. intracellular receptors class 1
  3. neurotransmitters
  4. hematoxylin
  5. antisense oligonucleotides
  1. a chemical messengers produced by nerve cells, which are released from the pre-synaptic membrane, diffuse across a synaptic cleft, and bind to receptors of the postsynaptic membrane of a nerve or muscle cell
  2. b affects conspecifics, intra-specific effects
  3. c basic dye, interacts with acidic cellular components
  4. d receptors of steroid hormones, located in cytoplasm or nucleus, associated with heat shock proteins HSPs when not bound to ligand, when bound to hormone form homodimers that bind to hormone response elements HRSs
  5. e a method to inactivate specific mRNAs

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  1. chemical messengers that carry information to other animals
  2. cyclin AMP phosphodiesterase converts cAMP to inactive AMP, phosphodiesterase inhibited by methyl xanthines
  3. used to measure bound labeled hormone as indicated by color change caused by enzyme reacting with added substrate
  4. mimic action of hormones, diethylstilbestrol (DES), an estradiol (E) agonist
  5. came up with the idea that humans illness could be caused by an imbalance of the 4 humors

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  1. hybridomasformed by cellular fusion of a beta lymphocyte and a myeloma, large amounts of specific antibodies obtained from hybridomas


  2. common neurotransmittersacetylcholine, dopamine, serotonin


  3. bayliss and starlingdiscovered the first hormone, secretin, done with dogs, cutting the nervous system to the stomach to prevent any interaction then placed acid in the stomach and saw hormone projection from the pancreas


  4. diabetiesincrease smooth-muscle contraction, blood vessel permeability, and mucosus secretion in airways, synthesized and released by leukocytes, components of inflamatory response


  5. neurosecreory neuronsspecialized neurons that carry action potentials and release neurohormones


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