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  1. bernard
  2. calmodulin
  3. receptor tyrosine kinases (RTKs)
  4. glucocorticoids
  5. cannon
  1. a tyrosine kinase part of receptor, hormone binding to receptor activates tyrosine kinase, receptor for insulin and epidermal growth factor
  2. b cellular calcium receptor in all eukaryotic cells, four ca2+ binding sites, structurally similar to troponin c, biologically activated when calcium binds to at least three of the four calcium binding sites, activates Ca2+ calmoduline-dependent kinase, stimulates ATPase that pumps Ca2+ out of cells or into storage depots (mitochondria and smooth ER), activates myosin light chain kinase in smooth muscle
  3. c living organizms have an internal state that has to be kept in balance
  4. d steroid that effect carbohydrate metabolism
  5. e coined the term homeostasis

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  1. deactivated by monoamine oxidase (MOA) and/or catecholamine-o-methyl transferase (COMT)
  2. PG required for normal mucus production, PG treatment to health stomach ulcers
  3. antibodies produced from hybridomas
  4. a two chained polypeptide hormone
  5. recognized that if you remove the testis from male animals they do not develop the same way as normals

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  1. chemical messengershigh specificity, hight affinty (low Kd), hormone binding to receptor initiates biological activity


  2. COX2 inhibitorsinduced, selective inhibitors (COXIBS), celebrex, vioxx


  3. steroid hormonessulfation and glucornoide formation makes these soluable in water to get out of system


  4. pheromonesaffect other species, inter-specific effects


  5. Berthold's experimentsite other than normal site


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