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  1. treating pseudomonas in burn patients
  2. transmission of tinea
  3. clostridium
  4. propionbacterium acnes
  5. basic facts on clostridia
  1. a direct contact or indirect with fomites such as vinyl couches or locker rooms
  2. b propionibacteriaceae
  3. c clostridiaceae
  4. d gram positive
    environmentally ubiquitous
    prefers anaerobic environment
    spore formation
    taxonomy does not fit together
  5. e silver sulfadiazine topical ointment

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  1. fix before neurological problems begin
    pentamidine for gambiense
    suramin for rhodiense
  2. asymptomatic carrier of typhoid fever infecting the people she cooked for
  3. any plague epidemic
  4. blocks GABA-muscle gets signal to contract and GABA is inhibited from telling it to stop...permanent convulsions
  5. chest pain
    dry cough
    typically self resolves

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  1. hexamitidaebeaver fever family


  2. infant botulisminactivate the toxin by boiling (strict canning procedures)
    don't eat from bulging cans


  3. C. albicans in skindiaper rash


  4. why do bacteria have body make pus?bat droppings have nitrogen which is prime growing environment for the disease


  5. cyst form of beaver feverhygeine
    good sewer system
    pet waste management


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