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  1. treating hemorrhagic colitis
  2. chronic pulmonary histoplasmosis
  3. basics of diptheriae
  4. salmonella spp.
  5. inhalational anthrax symptoms
  1. a diptheria
    3 major strains
    -gravis, intermedius, mitis
    multiplies in airways
    toxic through lysogenic conversion
  2. b primary acute that advances
    looks like TB
    permanent scarring of the lungs
    discolor of the skin and nails due to oxygen loss**
  3. c rehydration
  4. d inhale spores
    septic shock
    harder to treat
    looks lie URI first
    respiratory problems
  5. e infection with salmonella

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  1. at body temperatures
  2. infection under the nail bed
    nails thicken and warp
    pain near the nail beds
    tissue under the nail disintegrates
  3. forms biofilms
    resistant to most antibiotics
    lives everywhere including plants
  4. resembles food intoxication
    severe abdominal pain
    septic shock (can cause death)
  5. antidiarrheal drugs

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  1. hemorrhagic colitis transmissioncontaminated foods
    contact with an infected person


  2. anthrax transmissioncutaneous
    handling animal equipment
    wool sorters disease
    open wounds allow the infection to enter
    biting flies


  3. prevention and control of the plaguevaccines work but are not common in the US due to low rates of plague-common in the four corners
    control flea population
    public education


  4. controlling botulinuminactivate the toxin by boiling (strict canning procedures)
    don't eat from bulging cans


  5. how do E. coli pathogens work?AB toxin, dissociates, one A molecule can kill one cell which then exudes toxin and kills many more toxin does LOTS of damage


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