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  1. tetnus
  2. Yersinia pestis
  3. stage one of gas gangrene
  4. stage two gas gangrene
  5. whiteheads
  1. a systemic infection
    acquired through the skin
    greatly feared but uncommon
    never caused epidemics
  2. b Enterobacteriaceae
  3. c comedo is entirely closed off
  4. d muscle death-must amputate
    -pain and swelling
    -heart problems
  5. e anaerobic cellulitis
    -muscle tissues is destroyed

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  1. cutaneous
    handling animal equipment
    wool sorters disease
    open wounds allow the infection to enter
    biting flies
  3. fecal oral route
  4. restores GI rhythm
  5. cough with mucus
    long couch that take breath away
    leads to nose bleed, red splotches, and bleeding in the eyes
    2 weeks

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  1. diphtheria transmissionspores in the environment
    enter through a wound
    becomes toxic once it has reached quorum


  2. Escherichia colibeaver fever family


  3. incubation of legionnares disease2-10 days


  4. antibiotics for salmonellacipro


  5. shigella prevention and controlfood control


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