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  1. diphtheria vaccine
  2. symptoms of continued salmonella
  3. hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS)
  4. trophozoite form of beaver fever
  5. transmission of tinea
  1. a bloody diarrhea
    arthritis post infection
    septic shock
  2. b changes form when it senses it's in the gut
    active form
    feeds on the intestinal walls
  3. c form of hemorrhagic colitis
    always from and E. coli infection
  4. d vonbehring and kitasato make toxoid vaccine
    formaldehyde inactivated vaccine
  5. e direct contact or indirect with fomites such as vinyl couches or locker rooms

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  1. acne
    gram positive
    rod shaped
  2. campers
  3. family name the same
  4. ringworm
  5. grows well in the lymph and tissue
    spore former
    not usually in humans, we bring upon ourself

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  1. histoplasmosis and batsspelunkers disease
    histoplasmosa capsulation


  2. prevention and control of typhoid feverSANITATION
    vaccine are common but not overly useful
    treat asymptomatic carriers with drugs


  3. treating amebiasis active parasiterehydration


  4. how tetanospasmin worksblocks GABA-muscle gets signal to contract and GABA is inhibited from telling it to stop...permanent convulsions


  5. yeast histoplasmosismost are asymptomatic
    four other forms


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