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  1. Prevention and control of P. multicida
  2. Bordetella pertussis
  3. tetanus transmission
  4. how gas gangrene works
  5. sleeping sickness
  1. a spores in the environment
    enter through a wound
    becomes toxic once it has reached quorum
  2. b alcaligenaceae
  3. c makes tissues soupy by hydrolyzing them and producing methane bubbles.
  4. d immediate wound care
    amoxicillin and cipro
    no human vaccines
  5. e chancre forms at fly bite site
    long asymptomatic period after chancre
    joint pain
    swollen lymph nodes
    sleep cycle changes
    personality changes
    death due to coma, heart destruction or bacterial infection

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  1. catarrhal stage
    paroxysmal stage
    convalescent stage
  2. gram negative
    salmonella family
  3. antitoxin from horse
    -passive infection
    respiratory therapy
    always have neurological problems
  4. chest pain
    dry cough
    typically self resolves
  5. debridment
    hyperbaric oxygen (bc it is an anaerobic bacteria)

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  1. major cause of the black deatharthrodermataceae


  2. E coli making diarrheaswimmers ear


  3. treatment of beaver feveruse a drug cocktail to avoid resistance
    penicillin and B-lactams
    also depends on severity, IV drugs in most severe cases


  4. treating typhoid feverantibiotics, similar to the plague
    fluid replacement to avoid dehydration
    restore GI rhythm


  5. Thrush from candidadiscoloration
    hot, burning sensation
    infants can have breathing problems due to swelling in the mouth


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