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  1. Treatment of whooping cough
  2. cutaneous anthrax symptoms
  3. plague symptoms (septicemic)
  4. Thrush from candida
  5. blackheads
  1. a EXTREME fever
    can't move/convulsions
    lives in blood-not communicable
    secondary to bubonic and pneumonic
  2. b comedo is open but blocked with sebum
  3. c discoloration
    hot, burning sensation
    infants can have breathing problems due to swelling in the mouth
  4. d VACCINE!!! (DTP and DTaP)
    supportive therapy such as oxygen adn food therapy
    erythromycin to curb transmission adn prevent secondary infections
    antibiotics to people in contact
  5. e black eschar
    make a nest for themselves in human host
    papule-vesicle-malignant pustule

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  1. fecal oral route
    cyst exits stool of one host, infects the water supply and gets into food or water to infect a new host
  2. immediate wound care
    amoxicillin and cipro
    no human vaccines
  3. comedo is entirely closed off
  4. form of hemorrhagic colitis
    always from and E. coli infection
  5. abdominal pain
    fever and chills

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  1. sleeping sicknesstrypanosoma brucei


  2. prevention and control of legionnares diseasehard to control because it lives and multiplies in water environments
    chlorinate water
    maintain cleanliness of hospitals


  3. what toxin is similar to shigaamebiasis


  4. coreynebacterium diptheriaediptheria


  5. basics of acneshorse antitoxin
    muscle relaxants like benzo
    assisted breathing
    antibiotics first to kill infection


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