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  1. Bordetella pertussis
  2. treatment of beaver fever
  3. treatment of gas gangrene
  4. treating typhoid fever
  5. transmission of sleeping sickness
  1. a fly bite (tsetse fly)
  2. b debridment
    hyperbaric oxygen (bc it is an anaerobic bacteria)
  3. c alcaligenaceae
  4. d antibiotics, similar to the plague
    fluid replacement to avoid dehydration
    restore GI rhythm
  5. e furazolidane (FDA approved)
    metronidazole (not FDA approved)
    quinacrine (FDA approved)

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  1. tsetse fly
  2. vaccine is useless because it switches surface antigens
    insect control
  3. falciparum
  4. antibiotics like penicillin
    passive immunization
  5. respiratory droplets through coughing
    contaminated fomites

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  1. tetanus transmissionspores in the environment
    enter through a wound
    becomes toxic once it has reached quorum


  2. treating amebiasis active parasiterehydration


  3. Prevention and control of P. multicidaimmediate wound care
    amoxicillin and cipro
    no human vaccines


  4. transmission of whooping coughdirect contact or indirect with fomites such as vinyl couches or locker rooms


  5. shigella prevention and controlclean water supplies
    maintain sewer systems
    personal hygiene


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