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  1. basics of diptheriae
  2. Treatment of pseudomonas
  3. bacillaceae
  4. treatments of acne
  5. shigellosis transmission
  1. a only in humans!!!
    fecal oral route
    improper handwashing
  2. b diptheria
    3 major strains
    -gravis, intermedius, mitis
    multiplies in airways
    toxic through lysogenic conversion
  3. c hygiene
    no medicine if possible
    medicine can cause stomach upset
  4. d grows well in the lymph and tissue
    spore former
    not usually in humans, we bring upon ourself
  5. e use a drug cocktail to avoid resistance
    penicillin and B-lactams
    also depends on severity, IV drugs in most severe cases

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  1. most are asymptomatic
    greasy stool***
  2. in the works since the '70's
    conjugate vacine with complex pilli and toxin A
  3. eschar forms-black color
    -becomes a reproduction hotspot
    papule-vesicle-malignant pustule
  4. used during WWII for bioterrorism, cleared an island for testing of anthrax bombs, years later people went back but spores were still present, island has been deemed unlivable for over 100 years until spores are completely gone
  5. 1-3 days

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  1. Pasteurella multicidapasteurellaceae


  2. environment of salmonellaeverywhere because it is very hardy and stable


  3. prevention and control of gas gangrenerigorous cleaning at contact points
    surgical repair of large wounds


  4. legionella basic factslegionnares disease
    lives in aquatic environment
    pontiac fever


  5. prevention and control of typhoid feverSANITATION
    vaccine are common but not overly useful
    treat asymptomatic carriers with drugs


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