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  1. filamentous histoplasmosis
  2. symptoms of legionnares disease
  3. symptoms of histoplasmosis
  4. chronic amebiasis
  5. preventing valley fever
  1. a dust control
  2. b fatigue
    GI symptoms
    shaking chills
    exacerbation of pre-existing conditions
    no trigger symptoms!
  3. c amoeba chews through the gut
    cancerous nodules form in the gut
    liver invasion
  4. d at environmental temperatures
  5. e most are asymptomatic
    four other forms

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  1. old treatments for acne that cause stomach upset
  2. ring shaped
    pruritic and itchy
    papule to vesicle
    dry and flaky skin
  3. gender
  4. vaccine is useless because it switches surface antigens
    insect control
  5. any plague epidemic

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  1. transmission of beaver feverfecal oral route
    cyst exits stool of one host, infects the water supply and gets into food or water to infect a new host


  2. infection of diphtheria1-3 days


  3. what toxin is similar to shigaescherichia, shigella, yersinia


  4. tetanus transmissionoccur when the lesion erupts like a volcano


  5. coreynebacterium diptheriaerespiratory droplets
    contaminated fomites
    unpasteurized raw milk


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