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  1. What did John the Baptist call Jesus?
  2. Of what party was Nicodemus a member?
  3. Where did Jesus first miracle take place?
  4. What contrast does John use to show the difference between good and evil?
  5. What did John the Baptist eat?
  1. a Pharisees
  2. b Cana
  3. c Darkness and light
  4. d Locusts and wild honey
  5. e The Lamb of God

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  1. Camel's hair
  2. Tiberius Caesar
  3. A baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins
  4. The wind
  5. His body

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  1. What was the occasion for Jesus' first miracle?A wedding feast


  2. What was the third thing that happened at the baptism of Jesus?The Holy Spirit descended on Jesus in bodily form like a dove.


  3. How long was Jesus in the desert40 days


  4. What did Jesus say about anyone who would drink the water the Samaritan woman gave them?Eternal life


  5. Of what group was Nicodemus a member?Pharisees


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