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  1. How many husbands had the Samaritan woman had?
  2. With what were the soldiers told to be content?
  3. What did John the Baptist call Jesus?
  4. Who did John the Baptist tell his disciples that he was not?
  5. What was John the Baptist preaching?
  1. a A baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins
  2. b Their pay
  3. c The Christ
  4. d Five husbands
  5. e The Lamb of God

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  1. The wind
  2. The heavens were torn open
  3. Peter
  4. Bethsaida
  5. Tell the stones to become bread

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  1. What did the voice from heaven say at Jesus' baptism?"You are my son, whom I love, with you I am well pleased."


  2. Why did Nicodemus say that he knew that Jesus was from God?A Spirit


  3. What was Jesus' first miracle?A wedding feast


  4. Who is the first person mentioned in John's gospel as being a disciple of Jesus?A voice from heaven


  5. Because of what Jesus knew about her, what did the Samaritan woman call Jesus?A Spirit


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