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GACS Clovis Gospel 2 Test

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  1. During the 40 days Jesus was in the desert, what did he eat?
  2. Who is the first person mentioned in John's gospel as being a disciple of Jesus?
  3. In John 3, to what does Jesus compare the Holy Spirit?
  4. When the devil left Jesus after the temptation, who came to minister to him?
  5. What did Jesus do in the Judean countryside with his disciples?
  1. a Andrew
  2. b The wind
  3. c They baptized there.
  4. d The angels
  5. e He ate nothing.

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  1. For the Passover
  2. Thirty years old
  3. Beside Jacob's well
  4. The Holy Spirit and fire
  5. "It is written."

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  1. In John 3, what does Jesus call himself?The Son of Man


  2. What two men are named as high priests at this time?Annas and Caiaphas


  3. What did John the Baptist call the people?The Lamb of God


  4. What was Jesus' first miracle?Changing water to wine


  5. What is the name of the town in Samaria where Jesus and his disciples stopped?Sychar


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