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  1. What was the third thing that happened at the baptism of Jesus?
  2. What were John the Baptists' clothes made of?
  3. What was the reaction of Jesus' disciples to his first miracle?
  4. Where was John the Baptist baptizing?
  5. What voice did John the Baptist say he was?
  1. a A voice from heaven
  2. b Camel's hair
  3. c The voice of one calling in the wilderness
  4. d They put their faith in him.
  5. e In the Jordan River

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  1. For the Passover
  2. The heavens were torn open
  3. Pharisees
  4. At night
  5. The Lamb of God

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  1. Who is the first person mentioned in John's gospel as being a disciple of Jesus?Changed his name


  2. What kind of water did Jesus say he could give the Samaritan woman?Living water


  3. Who did John the Baptist tell his disciples that he was not?The Christ


  4. When did Jesus' disciples recall what he had said about the Temple?After he was raised from the dead


  5. What did Jesus say that one must do to see the kingdom of God?Eternal life


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