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  1. In his temptation, how did Jesus begin his defense?
  2. When Jesus' disciples returned from Sychar, why were they surprised?
  3. What kind of fruit did John the Baptist say the people shouyld bring forth?
  4. What was the first temptation of Jesus by the devil?
  5. In John 3, what does Jesus call himself?
  1. a Tell the stones to become bread
  2. b The Son of Man
  3. c Fruit in keeping with repentance
  4. d Jesus was speaking to a woman.
  5. e "It is written."

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  1. Be born again
  2. To fulfill all righteousness
  3. A prophet
  4. Locked him up in prison
  5. They baptized there.

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  1. Why did John the Baptist rebuke Herod?The Lamb of God


  2. With what did John say Jesus would baptize?The Holy Spirit and fire


  3. What did John the Baptist call Jesus?The Lamb of God


  4. In this passage, why did Jesus go to Jerusalem?For the Passover


  5. Who is the first person mentioned in John's gospel as being a disciple of Jesus?A voice from heaven


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