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  1. In Samaria, because Jesus was tired, where did he sit down?
  2. What did Jesus do in the Judean countryside with his disciples?
  3. John the Baptist said they could not be saved just because who was their father?
  4. What two Old Testament characters are mentioned in the story about the Samaritan woman?
  5. What was John the Baptist preaching?
  1. a They baptized there.
  2. b Beside Jacob's well
  3. c Abraham
  4. d Jacob and Joseph
  5. e A baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins

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  1. Jews did not associate with Samaritans.
  2. "It is written."
  3. His body
  4. Elijah
  5. In the Jordan River

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  1. What did Jesus say that one must do to see the kingdom of God?All the kingdoms of the world


  2. What is the second thing that happened when Jesus was praying at his baptism?A voice from heaven


  3. Who was the man who doubted that Jesus could amount to much because he was from Nazareth?Nathanael


  4. What kind of fruit did John the Baptist say the people shouyld bring forth?Fruit in keeping with repentance


  5. What did the voice from heaven say at Jesus' baptism?"You are my son, whom I love, with you I am well pleased."


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