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  1. how many amino acids are there
  2. Another word for 'calories'
  3. fat-soluble vitamins
  4. food sources of unsaturated fats
  5. complete proteins
  1. a foods that contain all 9 essential amino acids
  2. b 20
  3. c nuts and oils
  4. d 'energy'
  5. e -absorbed and transported by fat
    -excess amount stored in fat cells
    -vitamins A, D, E, K

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  1. breaks complex carb into glucose (simple sugar) which is absorbed in bloodstream and transported to liver, then it distributes it throughout the body (glucose = energy source). what you don't need goes to liver to store. then body gets it from liver when needed.
  2. bran, pastsa, brown rice, popcorn, whole wheats
  3. starches
  4. -build, repair, and maintain body cells
  5. 1) provide energy.
    2) build, repair, and maintain body tissues. such as absorbing calcium in bone tissue
    3)regulate body process, such as how enzymes regulate digestive system or hemoglobin carries oxygen in blood from lungs to tissues

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  1. food sources of complex carbspeas, pasta, potatoes, beans, breads, seeds and nuts, vegetables


  2. Functions of fiber-move waste through digestive system
    -prevents constipation and other intestinal problems
    -might reduce risk of cancer (colon cancer)


  3. What are carbohydrates?the body's most important source of energy


  4. Percentage of daily intake of fats65%


  5. Nutrients that contain caloriesCarbs, fats, proteins


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