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  1. vitamins
  2. proteins
  3. Forms of carbs include:
  4. Percentage of daily calories from carbohydrates
  5. calcium
  1. a (mineral)
    -important in maintaining and building bones
    -important for women to prevent osteoporosis)
  2. b -contain no calories
    -provide no energy
    -necessary amount of vitamins for body earned through balanced diet
  3. c 50%-65%
  4. d sugars, starches, and fibers
  5. e -organs compound made of amino acids
    -broken down by body into amino acids
    -body produces some of the amino acids it needs, the rest come from foods we eat
    -isnt stores in body, so intake should be daily

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  1. -inorganic substances that the body cannot produce, so it comes from food
    -helps regulate important body processes such as bones absorbing calcium
    -provide no energy
  2. 65%
  3. Vitamins, minerals, water
  4. 40
  5. false

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  1. trans fats-solid at room temperature, comes from animal fats


  2. fats-a carb your body cannot digest
    -receives no energy from it
    -tough, stringy part of fruit


  3. how many amino acids come from food20


  4. What foods are simple carbs found in?- a short term supply of energy (sugars)


  5. food sources of complex carbspeas, pasta, potatoes, beans, breads, seeds and nuts, vegetables


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