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  1. food sources of saturated fats
  2. fats
  3. Percentage of caloric intake of simple carbs
  4. Another word for 'calories'
  5. complete proteins
  1. a butter, beef, dairy
  2. b 65%
  3. c foods that contain all 9 essential amino acids
  4. d -form of stored energy
    -provides twice as much energy per ounce than carbs or proteins
    -contains greater amount of calories, gain more weight when eating
    -stores in tissues as secondary reserve energy supply
    -should be no more that 30% of daily caloric intake
  5. e 'energy'

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  1. 2,200
  2. less than 30%
  3. -inorganic substances that the body cannot produce, so it comes from food
    -helps regulate important body processes such as bones absorbing calcium
    -provide no energy
  4. 10% or less of daily calories
  5. sugars, starches, and fibers

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  1. complex carbs are found in...starches


  2. trans fats-solid at room temperature, comes from animal fats


  3. what else besides the liver stores glycogen?muscles


  4. how many amino acids are there20


  5. essential amino acids-contain no calories
    -provide no energy
    -necessary amount of vitamins for body earned through balanced diet


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