Surgical technology certification review

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general questions that may be on certification exam

The safest method for placing a blade on a knife handle is with a ?

needle holder

which of the following procedures is used to visualize the cystic, hepatic, and common ducts?


a specimen obtained for frozen section is generally removed from the sterile field intra-operatively because it __ ___ __ ________ __________?

is sent to pathology immediately

when performing a right hemicolectomy, the surgeon will most likely remove portions of ?

ascending and transverse colon

this tissue that covers bones and provides movement to the skeletal system is?


which of the following is the best placement area for the electrosurgical grounding pad for a patient in the lithotomy position?

anterior thigh

which of the following conditions should be treated FIRST? a) obstructed airway b) closed cerebral injury c) shock due to hemorrhage d) sucking wound to the chest.

a) obstructed airway

which layer is transected with a subcostal flank incision used for a nephrectomy?

oblique muscles

what is the wound class assigned to perforated bowel?


a patient being prepped for surgery is hypokalemic. what must be done before a general anesthetic is given?

add potassium to the IV solution

a type of herniation that occurs with protrusion of the peritoneal sac and its content consists of (omentum or abdominal viscera)


what advantage do hand-held retractors have over mechanical self-retaining retractors?

dynamic adjustability

when transferring a thoracotomy patient to recovery, the chest drainage system should be?

maintained below the patient's chest level

if the patents of a dependent minor requiring emergency surgery cannot be located, the operative consent form for surgery may be signed by

two consulting physicians

a post-operative total arthroplasty patient presents to the emergency department with severe throbbing pain, fever and malasise, what is most likely the diagnosis?


what procedure repairs a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm?

excision with graft placement

which of the following instruments has teeth? a) allis b) mixter c) babcock d) mosquito

a) allis

what surgical needle is MOST appropriately used in a liver resection?


which of the following instruments is used for a common bile duct exploration? a) fogarty clamp b) randall forceps c) pennington clamp d) forester ring forceps

b) randall forceps

congenital abnormality where the urethra opens on the underside of the penis?


anterior and posterior knee stability is influenced by the dynamics of the?

cruciate ligaments

in which of the following procedures will the surgical technologist expect to use cottonoids? a) abdominal hyster b) abdominal perineal resection c) lumbar laminectomy d) open cholecystectomy

c) lumbar laminectomy

which of the following is used during a tympatoplasty? a) image intensifier b) hypothermia unit c) operating microscope

c) operating microscope

what parts of the body are prepped for an ORIF of the olecranon process?

arm, fingers to shoulder

after completing an operative procedure, the first item a surgical tech in the scrub role should remove is the ?


during surgery a patient becomes hypotensive. what medication should be given?

epinephrine (Adrenalin)

to place a patient on a wilson frame, what position will the patient ultimately be placed?


the primary effect of a hypnotic drug is to

induce sleep

a patient is scheduled for a lumbar laminectomy and is positioned in the prone position without padding under the thorax. what physiological hazards should the surgical tech be most concerned about?

pressure on the vena cava and abdominal aorta

when a break in aseptic technique occurs, the surgical technologist in the scrub role should notify the

person who broke the technique

the spore-forming organism used to test the proper function of steam sterilizer is?

bacillus stearothermophilus

mannitol (osmitrol) is used in neurosurgical procedures to

decrease intracranial pressure

connective tissue fastens muscle to bone?


procedure requires an opening into the gallbladder to permit drainage and removal of stones?


care of a surgical specimen includes placing it?

in a bag or container with formalin.

which of the following is NOT an acceptable technique when placing a patient in the lithotomy position? a) arms placed on arm boards b) both legs places in stirrups simultaneously c) legs placed in stirrups one at a time

c) legs placed in stirrups one at a time

when assisting with the closure of a skin incision and operating the skin stapler, the surgical tech in the scrub role is placing the staples through which two layers?

cuticular and subcuticular

which of the following is MOST commonly used for wound closure in the presence of infection?

stainless steel

which of the following procedures may require a postauricular incision? a) myringotomy b) tympanostomy c) mastoidectomy

c) mastoidectomy

during a laparoscopic appendectomy, which of the following types of staplers should the surgical tech have ready on the back table for removing the appendix and enduring no spillage of bowel content? a) intraluminal b) linear c) purse string

b) linear

gravity displacement sterilizers function on the principle that

air is heavier than steam

which of the following is a preferred retractor for a groin incision? a) weitlaner b) finochietto c) o'sullivan-o'connor

a) weitlaner

when evalutating the patient's skin for preoperative prep, which of the following is considered contaiminated? a) axilla b) toes c) body hair d) draining sinus

d) draining sinus

T/F: Prolonging a scrub beyond the standard scrub length is effective in decreasing microbes.


T/f: used suture needles and scalpel blades are removed from the needle containers and individually placed in the biohazard sharps container


which of the following is a chemical sterilant? a) alcohol b) merthiolate (thimerosal) c) glutaraldehyde (cidex)

c) glutaraldehyde (cidex)

what position is MOST often used for vaginal surgery?


what is the recommended temperature in an operating room?

20-24 degrees C (68-75 degrees F)

in what position is a patient placed for a right nephrectomy?

left lateral kidney position

what position would a patient be placed for a low anterior colon resection?


To revascularize the heart muscle of a patient with heart disease, a graft may be anastomosed between which of the following two vessels?

Internal mammary artery to affected coronary artery

The drug most commonly used to treat ventricular tachycardia is

lidocaine (Xylocaine)

An ideal environment for holding the preoperative patient is a

Dimly lit, quiet room

procedures treats a congenital obstructed lesion found at the distal end of an infant's stomach?


A cardiac arrest occurs during a procedure, and the surgeon is resuscitating the patient. What is the responsibility of the surgical technologist in the scrub role during this time?

Remain sterile and maintain the sterile field.

definition of instrument sterilization?

Destruction of microorganisms

A preference card indicates a surgeon prefers a large paper gown and size 7.5 gloves and the surgeon's assistant prefers an XL cloth gown and size 8 gloves. The assistant usually scrubs in first. In which order should the surgical attire (PPE) be stacked, from top to bottom?

Towel, XL cloth gown, size 8 gloves, towel, large paper gown, size 7.5 gloves

type of anesthetic is injected during a Bier block?

Lidocaine (Zylocaine)

Aerobic organisms are BEST characterized as


When positioning a patient in the lithotomy position the stirrup height should be adjusted according to the

Length of the patient's legs

what is applied as a nonadherent dressing?


Which of the following conditions is triggered by an injection of succinylcholine (Anectine) and causes an unusually high fever?

malignant hyperthermia

When performing a dilation and curettage, which of the following instruments is used to grasp the cervix?


The Sterrad sterilization system MOST commonly uses what chemical solution?

hydrogen peroxide

what is visualized on an x-ray to determine if a long bone is still growing?

epiphyseal plate

What type of incision is typically used for an open cholecystectomy?


Which of the following should be removed LAST by the surgical technologist in the scrub role in order to prevent contamination at the end of a surgical procedure? patient's drapes
surgical gloves
surgical mask
Mayo stand drape

surgical mask

A chemical solution used to sterilize instruments by immersing them for at least 10 hours is

activated glutaraldehyde

Heaney clamps are used for a


Which of the following is done FIRST when performing a myringotomy? insertion of a drainage tube
incision of the tympanic membrane
suctioning of fluid from the middle ear
removal of cerumen from the ear canal

removal of cerumen from the ear canal

A cerclage procedure is performed for what condition?

incompetent cervix

A laparotomy drape has been placed on a patient and unprepped skin of the operative site is exposed. What is the BEST next step?

remove drapes and re-prep

what catheters is MOST commonly used to preform an embolectomy


what should be the MINIMUM exposure time in a flash sterilizer for unwrapped instruments?

3 minutes

Traction sutures are used on common duct explorations to?

hold the duct open

Which of the following anesthetic agents is administered intravenously? enflurane (Ethrane)
nitrous oxide
propofol (Diprivan)
methoxyflurane (Penthrane)

propofol (Diprivan)

A patient's dentures are removed in the operating room. what is the proper procedure for the care of the dentures?

Place them in a labeled denture cup and keep them with the patient's chart

who is responsible for the proper care and handling of an intraoperative specimen?

surgical technologist in the scrub role and the circulator

A surgical technologist sees a neighbor being admitted. How should the surgical technologist respond?

do not acknowledge the neighbor unless greeted first

what is MOST resistant to sterilization processes?


A tourniquet is used in which of the following procedures?
ORIF hip
shoulder arthroscopy
Bankart repair


Which of the following wounds is most likely in the inflammatory phase of wound healing?a Bankart repair, one week post procedure
a laparotomy incision with a cicatrix
an open reduction internal fixation (ORIF) of a finger, two weeks post procedure
an abdominal incision, 20 minute post-closure

an abdominal incision, 20 minute post-closure

Which of the following procedures is used for removal of an embolus?
balloon catheterization

balloon catheterization

During a craniotomy, which of the following types of bone is entered? flat


Which of the following instruments is found in a basic laparotomy setup?

Castroviejo needle holder
Mayo scissors
Dandy clamp
Raney clip applier

mayo scissors

Which of the following is the correct order, from the outermost to the innermost layer, of the tissues that compose the wall of the stomach and small intestine?
1. sumucosa
2. muscularis
3. serosa
4. mucosa


A power saw is not functioning. what is the most likely cause

The battery has not been adequately charged.

Which of the following instruments may be used to extend the arteriotomy during femoral bypass?

straight Mayo
Potts Smith
Stevens tenotomy

potts smith

Which of the following classifcations of disinfection is used to kill all bacteria, viruses and fungi?



In a steam autoclave set on pre-vacuum, the minimum temperature that must be reached is

270 degrees

The PRIMARY consideration in selecting an appropriate anesthetic agent is the

physiologic condition

Which of the following positions is used for mastopexy?

dorsal recumbent
lateral Simms

dorsal recumbent

Surgery to repair a Colles' fracture is performed on which of the following types of bone?



The surgical technologist in the scrub role should remain sterile following which of the following surgical procedures?

laparoscopic cholecystectomy
carotid endarterectomy
total hip arthroplasty

carotid endarterectomy

Which of the following is a monofilament suture?



A circumferential bandage should be applied to an extremity

distal to proximal

A patient has arrived in the operating room for a bilateral mastectomy. She is crying inconsolably. The surgical technologist can best console her by saying which of the following?

"I am sure we will be able to remove all of the cancer."
"Everything will be fine."
"Your surgeon is the best in the hospital."
"We are going to give you the best care possible."

"We are going to give you the best care possible."

If an adult patient refuses a blood transfusion the surgical staff should

not administer blood to the patient

The surgeon asks a surgical technologist to place a drop of a mydriatic solution in OD. As a result of this medication, the pupil of the

right eye will dilate

Which of the following is the opening in the occipital bone through which the spinal cord passes?

foramen ovale
foramen magnum
foramen rotundum
foramen of Bochdalek

foramen magnum

Herniation of the rectum through a weakened posterior vaginal wall is known as a?


Which of the following verifies that autoclave sterilization has occurred?

chemical indicator
Julian date
heat-sensitive tape
biological indicator

biological indicator

A resectoscope is used in which of the following prostatic approaches?



what is reshaped during a total hip arthroplasty?


Which of the following is a sign of cardiac arrest?



Which of the following anticoagulants should be given during a vascular procedure to prevent normal blood clotting?

heparin sodium
protamine sulfate

heparin sodium

what procedure should be followed when performing counts in an emergency situation?

Omit counts, but document on the operative record

Place the following phases of wound healing by first intention in correct order from first to last:

I. proliferation
II. remodeling
III. inflammation



Which of the following supplies is part of the standard set-up for a diagnostic knee arthroscopy?

Pool suction tip
irrigation tubing
#20 blade
3000-ml. bag glycine

irrigation tubing

Where is the gastrocnemius muscle located?


What lies between the lung and the chest wall?


At which abdominal layer is the first closing count performed?


When perparing the Sterrad sterilization system for use in the surgical area, which of the following outlets must be available?



During a laser laryngoscopy, which of the following supplies must be available?

wet cottonoids and water
mictoscope, sterile water, and bronchoscope
sterile water, thyroid tray, and methylene blue
tracheotomy tray and tube, bronchoscope, and sterile water

wet cottonoids and water

When utilizing a laparoscopic setup,potential hazards associated with the equipment include

non-ionizing radiation.
nitrogen embolus.
fiberoptic beam fire.

fiberoptic beam fire

Between each surgical procedure, decontamination of walls involves washing

- only areas that have been splashed with blood or debris.
- all walls with a disinfectant solution.
- all walls from the floor up to a 5-foot level with a disinfectant solution
- all walls from the floor up to a 5-foot level with a viricidal solution

only areas that have been splashed with blood or debris

Which of the following types of sponges is used directly on the structures of the brain?



The appendiceal stump, when inverted, is held in place by what type of suture technique


Which of the following does NOT result after dipping a bloody RAY-Tec sponge into irrigation solution?

The solution is tainted.
Lint is released into the solution.
The solution is diluted.
Cellular components are released into the solution.

Lint is released into the solution

During a tympanoplasty, which of the following is the best choice for graft material?

temporal bone
temporalis fascia
vestibular membrane
a Teflon graft

temporalis fascia

The primary reason padding is used in positioning a patient is to

prevent injury to pressure points

If a sponge is missing, what action should be taken FIRST?

The count should be repeated

During an anterior cervical fusion, a bone graft is taken in order to fuse the vertebral


Which of the following is necessary for ethylene oxide sterilization to occur?

indirect contact
gravity displacement


Which of the following retractors may be used during an open cholecystectomy?



Which of the following arteries is MOST commonly used for taking a blood pressure reading?



Sponges that have been added to the sterile field after a procedure has begun should be counted by the

surgical technologist in the scrub role and the circulator

The required number of air exchanges per hour in an operating room is

15 to 20

A Javid shunt is used for which of the following procedures?

carotid endarterectomy
femoral-popliteal bypass
abdominal aneurysmectomy
saphenous vein legation

carotid endarterectomy

Which of the following instruments is NOT used in otorhinolaryngology surgery?



For which of the following procedures is Gelfoam MOST commonly used?

repair of abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA)
extraction of a cataract
transurethral resection of the prostrate (TURP)
craniotomy for subdural hematoma

craniotomy for subdural hematoma

Which of the following structures are separated first when a paramedian incision is performed for a gastrectomy?

transverse abdominis
external oblique
rectus abdominis

rectus abdominis

Which of the following destroys bacterial spores?



A sterile item used with an electrosurgical unit is the

active electrode

In a sterilized package, a chemical indicator is used to

confirm that the package was exposed to sterilization

A Pereyra needle is used for which of the following types of surgery?

bladder neck suspension
anterior colporrhaphy

bladder neck suspension

Which of the following instruments should be included in a TURP set up?



If a Kelly clamp is left in a patient who underwent a cholecystectomy, what legal charges can be filed?
res ipso loquitur
extension doctrine
intentional tort

res ipso loquitur

When performing a urinary bladder catheterization, it is essential to

keep the catheter tip sterile

Immediately before a hemorrhoidectomy, what procedure might be performed on the patient in the operating room?


Which of the following patients is MOST likely to acquire a nosocomial infection?
- a healthy female patient who is 45 years of age
-a female patient in labor and delivery
-a healthy male patient who is 45 years of age
- a male patient who has diabetes

a male patient who has diabetes

If unexpected heavy blood loss occurs during a surgical procedure, the surgical technologist should request additional

suction tubing

In order to remove a portion of the kidney, the surgeon must enter which of the following?

synovial membrane
Gerota's fascia
Hesselbach's triangle
suprapleural membrane

Gerota's fascia

List in order the sequence of induction for general anesthesia:

1. leads placed on patient
2. induction agent is given through an IV
3. patient is prompted to breath 100% oxygen
4. patient is intubated
5. anesthetic gas agent is selected and applied


During a procedure, the surgical technologist touches an unsterile item with a sterile glove. What should be done?

Change the glove at once

During strabismus surgery, which of the following is the first tissue layer that must be incised?



What is the primary purpose for changing into operating room attire?

to prevent the spread of microorganisms

A lumbar meningocele involves removal of

a fluid-filled sac

Which of the following procedures reuqires a microscope?



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