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  1. eulogy
  2. deleterious
  3. mercenary
  4. effacement
  5. conflagration
  1. a motivated by profits rather than morality (adj)
  2. b a very intense and uncontrolled fire (n)
  3. c a formal expression of praise (n)
  4. d a withdrawal into the background (n)
  5. e harmful to living things (adj)

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  1. lacking wit or imagination, dull (adj)
  2. stubbornly unyielding (adj)
  3. playful behavior intended to arouse sexual interest; , the deliberate act of wasting time instead of working (n)
  4. highly involved or intricate (adj)
  5. marked by extreme care in treatment of details (adj)

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  1. censureharsh criticism or disapproval (n) (v)


  2. conformityacting according to certain accepted standards (n)


  3. treaclyoverly sweet or sentimental (adj)


  4. petulanta formal expression of praise (n)


  5. fastidiousstubbornly unyielding (adj)


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