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  1. sublimation
  2. CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons)
  3. coal-to-liquid
  4. proven reserves
  5. atmospheric deposition
  1. a An accurate estimate of how much of the resource can be extracted on an economic basis
  2. b a technology that converts dry coal into a liquid fuel to replace diesel and jet fuels. There are multiple methods, but the process proposed for use in the US would first use heat and pressure to gasify the coal, then cool the gas to form a liquid—an energy-intensive process.
  3. c a change directly from the solid to the gaseous state without becoming liquid
  4. d from air conditioners and refrigerators that destroy the ozone layer
  5. e contaminants carried by air currents and precipitated into watersheds or directly onto surface waters

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  1. small generator to provide economical power for a single home that is near a perennial stream or river
  2. small-scale headwater dam that causes less damage than larger projects
  3. dry area found on the leeward side of a mountain range
  4. produces electricity chemically by combining hydrogen fuel with oxygen from air
  5. annual freshwater surface runoff plus annual infiltration into underground freshwater aquifers that are accessible for human use

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  1. carbon sequestrationthe process by which molecules of water vapor in the air become liquid water


  2. biomasstotal amount of living tissue within a given trophic level


  3. effluent seweragea low-cost alternative sewage treatment for cities in poor countries that combines some features of septic systems and centralized municipal teatment systems


  4. energy efficiencycan be grown specifically as an energy source of marginal land, such as switch grass, cattails, and hybrid poplar


  5. degradedan apparatus that reforms the molecular structure of hydrocarbons to produce richer fuel


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