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  1. consumption
  2. low-head hydro power
  3. total maximum daily load (TMDL)
  4. co-generation
  5. breeder reactor
  1. a a fission reactor that is designed to breed more fissionable fuel then is put into it by converting nosfissionable isotopes to fissionable isotops
  2. b simultaneous production of electricity and steam in the same facility
  3. c the fraction of withdrawn water that is lost in transmission, evaporation, absorption, chemical transformation, or otherwise made unavailable for other purposes as a result of human use
  4. d EPA administered program to address non-point-source water pollution that sets pollution limits according to the abilityof a body of water to assimilate different pollutants.
  5. e small-scale headwater dam that causes less damage than larger projects

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  1. lakes that are rich with organic matter and vegetation that are typically murky
  2. produced by chemical interacting between sulfur and oxygen. Contributes to acid rain. Harms plant life, irritates respiratory system when it's a secondary pollutant
  3. the removal of salt from seawater to make it usable for drinking and farming, very expensive on a large scale
  4. Substances that enter the air without going through a smokestack, such as dust from soil erosion, strip mining, rock crushing, construction or building demolition
  5. Irreversible damage to the lining of the lungs caused by irritants

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  1. oligotrophiclakes that are rich with organic matter and vegetation that are typically murky


  2. chain reactiona reaction in which the material that starts the reaction is also one of the products and can start another reaction


  3. infiltrationthe process by which water changes from liquid form to an atmospheric gas


  4. low-level wastesthe minimum mass of a fissionable isotope that provides the number of neutrons needed to sustain a chain reaction


  5. flex-fuel vehiclea low-cost alternative sewage treatment for cities in poor countries that combines some features of septic systems and centralized municipal teatment systems


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