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  1. infiltration
  2. carbon monoxide
  3. oligotrophic
  4. chain reaction
  5. sedimentation
  1. a This step of the water cycle occurs when the water is pulled into the ground due to the pull of gravity.
  2. b a reaction in which the material that starts the reaction is also one of the products and can start another reaction
  3. c Colorless, odorless poisonous gas produced as a by-product of incomplete combustion; can be dangerous if not properly ventilated
  4. d the addition of soils to water bodies by natural and human related activities. It decreases water quality and accelerates the aging process of lakes, rivers, and streams.
  5. e Describes the water which is nutrient poor, deep & cold, little organic matter (little phytoplanktin)

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  1. when a volume of air contains as much water vapor as it can hold at a given temperature
  2. contaminants carried by air currents and precipitated into watersheds or directly onto surface waters
  3. Cells, usually made of specially-treated silicon, that transfer solar energy from the sun to electrical energy
  4. an area to store intensely radioactive wastes buried deep in the ground, hopefully unexposed to groundwater and earthquakes for the thousands of years required for radioactive materials to decay to a safe level
  5. The volume of water that flows within a given time

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  1. high-level wastesWaste that gives off high amounts of radiation for a short time, or low amounts for a long time; Spent fuel rods and wastes from making bombs


  2. secondary pollutantArea of the Earth's surface where water percolates down into the aquifer


  3. nuclear fusionEnergy that is harnessed from reactions among radioactive isotopes, most commonly used is uranium 235


  4. tar sandsa population explosion of certain marine dinoflagellates that causes the water to turn a red or red-brown color and to contain poisonous alkaloids produced by the dinoflagellates


  5. ambient airUnrefined Petroleum


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