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  1. DO
  2. conventional pollutants
  3. LED (light-emitting diode)
  4. secondary pollutant
  5. consumption
  1. a measure of dissolved oxygen in the water
  2. b pollutant formed by the chemical reactions of other primary or secondary pollutants
  3. c consumes 90% less energy & lasts 100x's longer than ordinary lightbulbs
  4. d the fraction of withdrawn water that is lost in transmission, evaporation, absorption, chemical transformation, or otherwise made unavailable for other purposes as a result of human use
  5. e aka "criteria pollutants"; sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, particulates, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, photochemical oxidants, lead, carbon dioxide

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  1. methane held in place by pressure from overlying aquifers; pumping water out of the aquifers releases the gas, but creates huge amounts of contaminated effluent
  2. Describes the water which is nutrient poor, deep & cold, little organic matter (little phytoplanktin)
  3. Highest form of wastewater treatment that includes removal of nutrients, organic and solid material, along with biological & chemical polishing.
  4. a stratum of ore or coal thick enough to be mined with profit
  5. Cluster of wind turbines grouped together to produce a large amount of electricity

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  1. primary treatmentTreating wastewater biologically, by using microorganisms to decompose the suspended organic material; occurs after primary treatment


  2. aesthetic degradationArea above the water table where openings in soil, sediment, and rock are not saturated but are filled mainly with air. Above water table


  3. climatea change directly from the solid to the gaseous state without becoming liquid


  4. solar cookerinsulated box that can be used for heating and cooking in developing countries, costs a few dollars


  5. photovoltaic cellsproduces electricity chemically by combining hydrogen fuel with oxygen from air


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