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  1. methane hydrate
  2. energy
  3. withdrawal
  4. photochemical oxidants
  5. natural gas
  1. a This solid consisting of molecules of methane within a crystal lattice of water ice molecules occurs underground in some Artic locations and more widely under the seafloor on the contenental shelves.
  2. b the capacity to do work
  3. c A mixture of hydrocarbon gases that occur with petroleum deposits
  4. d the total amount of water taken from a lake, river, or aquifer for any purpose; much is returned to circulation in a form that can be used again
  5. e Products of secondary atmospheric reactions driven by solar energy; causes smog.

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  1. Area above the water table where openings in soil, sediment, and rock are not saturated but are filled mainly with air. Above water table
  2. Allowing customers of utilities to voluntarily pay more for electricity that comes from renewable sources
  3. a suspension in the atmosphere of a solid such as dust, salt, and pollen. and liquid droplets such as acids
  4. collapse of ground due to groundwater removal
  5. from air conditioners and refrigerators that destroy the ozone layer

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  1. breeder reactorcan be grown specifically as an energy source of marginal land, such as switch grass, cattails, and hybrid poplar


  2. TRI (Toxic Release Inventory)community right-to-know toxin release reports from factories, refineries, hard rock mines, power plants, and chemical manufacturers


  3. kerogenthe capacity to do work


  4. aquifera body of rock or sediment that stores groundwater and allows the flow of groundwater


  5. plug-in hybridelectric motor that can be recharged, can travel up to 40 miles on 1 overnight charge


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