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The entitlement program that was the greatest offender of the growing budget deficits was

Social Security

All of the following were themes tha tendeared Reagon to conservativies EXCEPT


Reaganomics was a form of

supply side economics

President Reagan's tax comporomise with Congress walled for an income tax cut of

five percent for the first year, then ten percent for the next two

The anti-missile system based on the use of lasers and particle beams to destroy incoming missiles in outer space was called


In responding to the burgeoning AIDS epidemic, the Reagan administration

proved slow and halting in its approach

The Reagan administration's actions againt the drug problem

did little to eradicate the problem

Which of the following was NOT a result of the Perisan Gulf War?

the imprisonment of Saddam Hussein

ALl of the following enabled the Reagan adminsitration to take credit for solving the problem that had proved fatal for Carter and the Democrats EXCEPT


In the 1984 election, Reagan won a majority of votes from all of the following groups EXCEPT


Mikhail Gorbachev's new policy included

both a & B (Perestroika and Glasnost)

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