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  1. J'eternue beaucoup
  2. a tes souhaits
  3. Quelque chose ne va pas?
  4. a l'oreille
  5. J'ai mal au coeur
  1. a Is something wrong?
  2. b I'm sneezing a lot
  3. c i'm sick to my stomache
  4. d ear
  5. e bless you

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  1. I didn't sleep well
  2. head
  3. hand
  4. I have allergies
  5. to sprain one's ankle

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  1. J'ai le nez qui coulei'm sick to my stomache


  2. J'ai de la fievreI've got the flu


  3. au dosback


  4. a la gorgethrough


  5. au piedneck


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