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  1. Khmer
  2. Why won't some countries trade with Myanmar?
  3. Aung San Suu Kyi
  4. What animal is found in Southeast Asia that is not found anywhere else?
  5. Fighting raged in Cambodia and didn't stop until what decade?
  1. a Southeast Asia's most advanced early civilization
  2. b It's poor record on human rights
  3. c leader of a movement for more democracy and rights
  4. d the 1990s
  5. e Komodo dragon

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  1. Indochina Peninsula and Malay Peninsula
  2. In rural areas
  3. the Philippines
  4. the Association of Southeast Asian Nations
  5. the Philippines

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  1. Yangoncapital of Myanmar


  2. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur in Southeast Asia because it is part of _________the Ring of Fire


  3. In 1975, Communist forces took over what two countries?Indonesia and Malaysia


  4. BorneoIsland that includes Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia


  5. Kampongscapital of Myanmar


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