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  1. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur in Southeast Asia because it is part of _________
  2. A history of warfare in Cambodia has left behind what problem?
  3. Yangon
  4. Borneo
  5. What animal is found in Southeast Asia that is not found anywhere else?
  1. a Komodo dragon
  2. b capital of Myanmar
  3. c Many landmines remain hidden in the land
  4. d Island that includes Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia
  5. e the Ring of Fire

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  1. the Philippines
  2. leader of a movement for more democracy and rights
  3. Indochina Peninsula and Malay Peninsula
  4. the 1990s
  5. In rural areas

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  1. In what area of the world is Southeast Asia found?In rural areas


  2. East Timor gained independence soon after __________Indochina Peninsula and Malay Peninsula


  3. WatSoutheast Asia's most advanced early civilization


  4. In what countries is rubber a major crop?underwater earthquakes


  5. What organization promotes cooperation in Southeast Asia?Indochina Peninsula and Malay Peninsula


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