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  1. Beneficial?
  2. Conspicuous?
  3. Malevolent?
  4. Phonetic?
  5. Juncture?
  1. a a point in time or a line of connectio
  2. b State of being spiteful with malace, doing something bad on purpose
  3. c To be aventatdious, an advantage to you
  4. d Easy to see or obvious
  5. e To conform to pronounciate

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  1. To bring formally into a society
  2. To Reduce
  3. To convine, to combine,things together
  4. That can be conceived by touch, to feel things
  5. An optical illusion of an object in the distance made to look near by

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  1. Regress?To give back an image


  2. Gratuity?Money given to a server for a service, tip


  3. Gregarious?Outgoing, fond of the company of others


  4. Loquacous?Very talkative


  5. Emote?To act in a dramatic way


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