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  1. dross
  2. travail
  3. vigilant
  4. turpitude
  5. indeterminate
  1. a uncertain; indefinite
  2. b work, especially arduous work; tribulation; anguish
  3. c waste; worthless matter; trivial matter
  4. d depravity; baseness; a base act
  5. e on the alert; watchful; aware

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  1. to attack loudly; denounce
  2. to go back on one's word
  3. not favorable; troublesome; adverse; unruly
  4. originating and living or occurring naturally in an area or environment; intrinsic; innate; native
  5. moderately warm; lukewarm; lacking emotional warmth or enthusiasm; half-hearted

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  1. regalebribable; mercenary; corruptible


  2. literatiunenthusiastic; neither hot nor cold


  3. rectifyto set right; correct; correct by calculation or adjustment; to adjust


  4. excoriateto send into exile


  5. spuriousfalse


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