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  1. discomfit
  2. ironclad
  3. excoriate
  4. paean
  5. expatriate
  1. a song of joy or triumph; a fervant expression of joy
  2. b cannot be altered; firm
  3. c to make uneasy; disconcert
  4. d to send into exile
  5. e to tear or wear off the skin of; to censure strongly; denounce

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  1. to be shortened by or as if by cutting off; appearing to terminate abruptly
  2. on the alert; watchful; aware
  3. imperative; leaving no choice
  4. to inform
  5. sheer, light and delicate, like cobwebs

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  1. bourgeoismiddle-class


  2. deftneat; skillful


  3. platitudedepravity; baseness; a base act


  4. dearthscarcity


  5. fusilladelong burst of gunfire


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