American Civics Ch10

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an individual or a group of people who bring a complaint against another party. the party who answers a complaint and defends against it is called the defendant.


a government body that brings a criminal charge against a defendant who is accused of breaking one of its laws.


a guideline for how all similar cases should be decided in the future.

Original Jurisdiction

the authority to hear a case first.


to ask a higher court to review the decision and determine if justice was done.

Appellate Jurisdiction

the authority to hear an appeal.

Courts of Appeals

handle appeals from the federal district courts.

Circuit Courts

another name for courts of appeals.

Judicial Review

the power to overturn any law that the Court decides is in conflict with the Constitution.


a written statement explaining the reasons for the decision.

Judicial Activism

an effort by judges to take an active role in policymaking by overturning laws relatively often.

Judicial Restraint

an effort by judges to avoid overturning laws and to leave policymaking up to the other two branches of government.

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