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  1. Natural Unemployment
  2. Real Interest Rate
  3. Lower marginal tax rate
  4. Quantity Demanded
  5. Automatic Stabilizers
  1. a nominal interest rate-inflationary premium
    -price of loanable funds
    -Interest rate adjusted for inflation
  2. b built in features tha automatically promote a budget deficit during a recession and a budget surplus during an expansion (without a change in policy
  3. c the combination of Structual unemployment and frictional unemployment and is not fixed but affected by the structure of labor force and public policy
  4. d -will give people the incentive to work more
    -if believed to be long term will shift both SRAS and LRAS
    -long run growth oriented strategy
  5. e -Movement along the curve due to a change in PRICE of a good

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  1. results from changes in the economy and imperfect information that prevents workers from being immediately matched up with existing job openings
  2. an issue that generates substantial benefits for a small group by generating minimal costs to a large group.
  3. No short run increase in output, only long run inflation.
  4. Upward sloping, increasing interest rates will cause people to say no to investing.
  5. -Medium of Exchange
    -Store of Value
    -Unit of account

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  1. What open market operation increases the money supply?When the fed sells bonds.


  2. Expenditure Approacha change in expenditures will have a greater impact than the initial change


  3. Median voter theoryMoney used to buy goods and services
    -fiat money: money that has no intrinsic value
    -More efficient to use money


  4. Store of Valueasset that will allow people to transfer purchasing power from one period to the next


  5. Crowding Outreduction in private spending due to higher interest rates generated by a budget deficit financed through government borrowing.


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