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  1. Why will Currency Reserves not expand money supply by as much as the potential multiplier?
  2. Discount Rate
  3. Normative Economic Statement
  4. GDP
  5. Fiscal Policy Problems
  1. a only counts goods and services produced within the geographic borders of a country
    -does not count transfers (welfare, gifts of money)
  2. b -statement is not testable
  3. c -Some people decide to hold currency rather than deposit it in the bank
    -Banks fail to use all of the new excess reserves to extend loans
  4. d -ability to forecast is extremely limited
    -change in fiscal policy requires legislaive action
    -Change will not have an immediate effect on the economy
  5. e interest rate the Fed charges banking institutions to borrow funds

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  1. results from changes in the economy and imperfect information that prevents workers from being immediately matched up with existing job openings
  2. -Changes in real wealth
    -Changes in real interest
    -Changes in business and household expectations
    -Changes in expected rate of inflation
    -Changes in income abroad
    -Changes in Exchange rates
  3. Personal consumption expenditures + gross investment + governemnt consumption and gross investment + net exports
  4. unemployment due to recessions and inadequate labor demand
  5. consumption depends on their long run expected permanent inome rather than their current income

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  1. Upward sloping supply curvedirect positive relationship between the price of a good or service and amount suppliers are willing to produce


  2. Actual Inflation > Anticipated Inflationborrowers gain, lenders lose


  3. Classical EconomistBelieve prices are flexible, Economy can correct itself, Soys law: supply curves demand (production matters)


  4. Labor force participation ratepercent of population age 16 and over who is in the civilian labor force


  5. Effect of Unanticipated expansionary monetary policy-Economy is in recession


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