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Sections 1, 2, 3, and 4

an exaggerated loyalty to a particular region of the country

What does sectionalism mean?


What is a fugitive?

not to cast votes

What does abstain mean?

to leave

What does secede mean?

James Polk of TN

Who won the presidential election in 1844?

Zachary Taylor

In 1848, who did the Whigs choose as their presidential candidate?

It preserved the balance between slave and free states in the Senate and brought about a lull in the battle debate in Congress over slavery

What did the Missouri Compromise do?

Free-Soil Party

Many antislavery Democrats and Whigs left their battles and joined with members of the Old Liberty to form the

Millard Fillmore

Who was president after Zachary Taylor?


What year did Texas become a state?

help catch runaways

What did the Fugitive Slave Act require people to do?

Harriet Beecher Stowe

Who wrote "Uncle Tom's Cabin"?

show slavery as a cruel and brutal system

What was the topic of "Uncle Tom's Cabin"?

helped runaways make their way to freedom

What was the "underground railroad"?

allowing the people to decide

What is the meaning of popular sovereignty?

decide whether they were free or slave states

What did the Kansas-Nebraska Act do?

armed groups of Missourians

Who were the border ruffians?

fervent abolitionist

Who was John Brown?

conflict between citizens of the same country

What is a civil war?

more than 6000 people

Although there were 1,500 votes who lived in Kansas, how many people in Kansas cast ballots in the Election of 1855?

withdrawal from the Union

What does secession mean?

West Virginia

What state seceded from Virginia?

Abraham Lincoln

Who was the Republican Party candidate for president in the Election of 1860?

Would the Union break up

What was the "burning question" in the months before the Election of 1860?

South Carolina

What state was the first to secede from the Union in 1860?


What percent of the popular vote did Abraham Lincoln get in the Election of 1860?

Confederate States of America

After Southern states seceded, what did the new nation and government call itself?

the right to leave from the Union

What did "states' rights" mean to Southern states?

Fort Sumter

Where were the first shots fired in the Civil War?

Jefferson Davis

Who was the New President of the New Nation in the South?

Antislavery Whigs, Democrats, & Free-Soilers

What political groups formed the Republican Party?

James Buchanan

Who was the Democratic Party candidate for president in the Election of 1856?

Know Nothings

What was another name for the American Party?

an enslaved African American bought by an Army doc in Missouri

Who was Dred Scott?

still a slave

What was the Supreme Courts' decision of the Dred Scott Case?

Stephen Douglas

Who was called the "little giant"?

Abraham Lincoln

Who was the Republican candidate for Senator from Illinios in 1858?

John Brown

Who led the raid on Harpers Ferry?

storage place for weapons and ammunition

What is an arsenal?

a person who dies for a great cause

What is a martyr?

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