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  1. v. to place side by side
  2. adj. hard to manage, tame, or control; stubborn; not easily cured.
  3. n. 1. a vast cluster of stars and other matter, billions of which make up the known universe
    2. a group of brilliant or notable people or things
  4. adj. grown old; out of date
  5. n. the state of being certain of the truth or rightness of something

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  1. remissadj. negligent; careless; lax


  2. juncturen. 1. a joining or coming together; the place where a connection occurs
    2. a point in time made critical by the timing of the circumstances


  3. titanicv. to expose to public scorn or contempt


  4. maelstromadj. 1. of or relating to the skies or heavens
    2. heavenly, divine; of the finest or highest kind


  5. optimumadj. n. marked by great strength, size, or influence


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