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  1. v. to distribute something or pay out money, especially from a public or other fund
  2. adj. grown old; out of date
  3. adj. n. marked by great strength, size, or influence
  4. adj. hard to manage, tame, or control; stubborn; not easily cured.
  5. n. the state of being certain of the truth or rightness of something

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  1. aberrationn. 1. a departure from the norm or what is considered right, natural, or normal; a flaw or defect
    2. the failure of a mirror of lens to reproduce an image in focus


  2. optimumadj. best or most favorable


  3. juxtaposev. to place side by side


  4. remissadj. negligent; careless; lax


  5. maelstromadj. 1. of or relating to the skies or heavens
    2. heavenly, divine; of the finest or highest kind


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