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  1. Adamant
  2. Exhilarate
  3. Mesmerize
  4. Perpetual
  5. Incessant
  1. a going on without stopping or in a way that seems endless
  2. b to hypnotize, spellbind, or fascinate; to compel by fascination
  3. c to make some one feel great excitement
  4. d refusing to be pursuaded or change ones side
  5. e lasting a long time; everlasting

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  1. not easily convinced; having doughts
  2. aiming for a state which somthing seems perfect
  3. readiness and grace in physical activity, especially with your hands
  4. the evaluation or estimation of ability of someone or something
  5. firm in purpose or belief

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  1. pretenselasting a long time; everlasting


  2. ecstaticto be quick to understand matters of inteligence


  3. wrathviolent anger/ rage


  4. Charismaticvery enthusiastic about something


  5. Enhanceto take a position and state this position publicaly


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