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  1. Mesmerize
  2. Dexterity
  3. Charismatic
  4. detrimental
  5. Perpetual
  1. a lasting a long time; everlasting
  2. b possessing a personal charm that inspires loyalty and enthusiasm in others
  3. c readiness and grace in physical activity, especially with your hands
  4. d obivously harmful
  5. e to hypnotize, spellbind, or fascinate; to compel by fascination

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  1. firm in purpose or belief
  2. the art of being in agreement with rules
  3. not easily convinced; having doughts
  4. to take a position and state this position publicaly
  5. to make some one feel great excitement

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  1. Incessantthe evaluation or estimation of ability of someone or something


  2. Astutueto be quick to understand matters of inteligence


  3. pretenseto be quick to understand matters of inteligence


  4. Imploreto beg urgently or piteously for aid, mercy, or pardon


  5. ecstaticvery enthusiastic about something


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