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  1. allusion
  2. clause
  3. homily
  4. analogy
  5. alliteration
  1. a a reference to something that is commonly known
  2. b something with a subject and a verb
  3. c similarity or comparison in order to explain something unfamiliar or add depth to the writing
  4. d any serious talk, speech, or lecture that involves moral/spiritual advice
  5. e repetition of sounds to reinforce meaning or unify ideas

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  1. word choice
  2. an especially well-developed metaphor that occurs frequently throughout a work
  3. something that is referred to by a pronoun
  4. using slang or informalities
  5. major category into which a work fits

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  1. denotationliteral dictionary definition


  2. ambiguitymultiple meanings of something


  3. figurative languagea device used to produce figurative language


  4. atmospherethe emotional nod of a work, tone/mood


  5. didacticword choice


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