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  1. figure of speech
  2. extended metaphor
  3. analogy
  4. conceit
  5. denotation
  1. a similarity or comparison in order to explain something unfamiliar or add depth to the writing
  2. b an especially well-developed metaphor that occurs frequently throughout a work
  3. c literal dictionary definition
  4. d an especially sophisticated extended metaphor
  5. e a device used to produce figurative language

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  1. non-literal meaning of a word
  2. multiple meanings of something
  3. major category into which a work fits
  4. using characters and/or story elements to represent an abstraction in addition to literal meaning
  5. imaginative writing or speech that isn't usually supposed to carry literal meaning

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  1. hyperboleexaggeration or overstatement


  2. generic conventiontraditions for each genre


  3. euphemisma phrase that expresses a general truth


  4. homilya phrase that expresses a general truth


  5. imagerysensory details or figurative language used to describe, arouse emotion, or represent abstractions


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