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  1. extended metaphor
  2. allusion
  3. ambiguity
  4. inference
  5. alliteration
  1. a repetition of sounds to reinforce meaning or unify ideas
  2. b a reference to something that is commonly known
  3. c multiple meanings of something
  4. d a reasonable conclusion drawn from presented information
  5. e an especially well-developed metaphor that occurs frequently throughout a work

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  1. exaggeration or overstatement
  2. a phrase that expresses a general truth
  3. literal dictionary definition
  4. something that is referred to by a pronoun
  5. traditions for each genre

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  1. colloquialan especially sophisticated extended metaphor


  2. antithesissomething that is referred to by a pronoun


  3. apostrophea phrase that expresses a general truth


  4. caricaturean exaggeration or distortion of a feature in order to emphasize it and create comic effect


  5. dictionwords that aim to teach moral or ethical principles


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