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  1. atmosphere
  2. allegory
  3. euphemism
  4. inference
  5. connotation
  1. a a reasonable conclusion drawn from presented information
  2. b using characters and/or story elements to represent an abstraction in addition to literal meaning
  3. c non-literal meaning of a word
  4. d the emotional nod of a work, tone/mood
  5. e a less offensive substitute for an unpleasant word or concept

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  1. multiple meanings of something
  2. repetition of sounds to reinforce meaning or unify ideas
  3. something that is referred to by a pronoun
  4. directly addressing an inanimate object or something abstract
  5. an especially well-developed metaphor that occurs frequently throughout a work

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  1. genremajor category into which a work fits


  2. figure of speecha device used to produce figurative language


  3. allusiona reference to something that is commonly known


  4. analogysimilarity or comparison in order to explain something unfamiliar or add depth to the writing


  5. didacticword choice


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