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  1. impromptu
  2. definitive
  3. adamant
  4. mawkish
  5. thwart
  1. a conclusive, final, representing the limit of what can be done
    S: Exhaustive; Authoritative
    A: Tenative; Inconclusive
  2. b firm in purpose or opinion, unyielding, obdurate, implacable, inflexible; an extremely hard substance
    A: yielding; fllexible
  3. c without preparation, offhand, suddenly or hastily done; an extemporaneous composition or remark; a minimal piece suggestive of improvisation
    S: Spontaneous; Improvised
    A: Rehearsed; Planned
  4. d to oppose successfully; to prevent, frustrate
    S: Foil; Baffle
    A: Aid; Abet
  5. e excessively and objectionably sentimental; having a mildly sickening flavor
    S: Mushy; Nauseating
    A: Callous; Insensitive

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  1. of or pertaining to a tailor or his work; having to do with clothes or dress (especially men's)
  2. a strong defense or protection, a solid wall-like structure for defense; to provide such
    defense or protection
    S: Stronghold; Citadel
    A: Breach; Weakpoint
  3. given over to dissipation and self-indulgence, immoral, recklessly extravagant; a person given to self-indulgent and wild spending
    S: Prodigal; Improvident
    A: Frugal; Economical
  4. easily made angry, bad-tempered
    S: Irascrible; Testy
    A: Affable; Genial
  5. courteous yielding to the wishes and ideas of another person; great respect marked by submission, as to a superior
    S: Respect; Consideration; Coutesy
    A: Contempt; Disrespect; Scorn; Disdain

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  1. demeanorthe way a person behaves, overall impression made by comportment, manner, etc.; facial appearance, mien
    S: Conduct; Behavior


  2. enigmaticto cut short, bring to a halt or end sooner than expected; to reduce
    S: Limit; Abbreviate; Abridge; Contract
    A: Protract; Extend


  3. remitto send or hand in (as money); to cancel (as a penalty or punishment), forgive, pardon; to lessen, diminish; to put off, postpone, defer
    S: Pay; Absolve


  4. cloyto spoil or destroy an appetite by too much indulgence, especially in sweet or rich things; to glut, satiate, surfeit
    A: Stimulate; Whet


  5. onussomething that is heavy or burdensome (especially an unwelcome responsibility); a stigma; blame
    S: Duty; Stigma


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