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  1. What does the black flag mean?
  2. What does the white flag mean?
  3. Where did the actors usually get their costumes?
  4. Where woman allowed on stage?
  5. What does the '/" stand for?
  1. a Stressed
  2. b Tragedy
  3. c Comedy
  4. d They were donated
  5. e No

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  1. Climax & Resolution
  2. Exposition
  3. He left home and was working in London as an actor and playwright.
  4. Rising Action
  5. People who did not pay as much so they had to stand on the dirt covered ground.

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  1. When were the plays performed in the Globe Theater?London


  2. What does the red flag mean?Comedy


  3. How old was Shakespeare when he got married?Yes


  4. Which part of the plot is Act III?Turning Point of Crisis


  5. When did Shakespeare die?April 23, 1616


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