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  1. Who played the women's part of the plays?
  2. Where woman allowed on stage?
  3. When & where was Shakespeare born?
  4. Which part of the plot is Act I?
  5. How many kids did he have?
  1. a April 23, 1564 in Stratford
  2. b Young boys
  3. c 3 kids
  4. d No
  5. e Exposition

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  1. They were donated
  2. To keep the syllables at 10 a line and to keep the unstressed/ stressed pattern.
  3. London
  4. He left home and was working in London as an actor and playwright.
  5. History

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  1. Which part of the plot is Act II?Rising Action


  2. Did Shakespeare ever marry?Yes


  3. How old was Shakespeare when he got married?Yes


  4. How many plays did Shakespeare write?April 23, 1616


  5. What are 3 ways to read Shakespeare's stuff?1. Use notes & margins for explanation.
    2. Learn Shakespeare vocabulary.
    3. Note the rhythm & dramatic conventions.


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