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  1. the process of sending and receiving symbols with meaning attached
  2. the medium used to carry a message
  3. results when words communicate one message while actions, body language, or appearance communicate something else
  4. the tendency to consider one's culture superior to any and all others
  5. helps the source of a message say what he or she really means
  6. use of appropriate manners and behaviors in cross-cultural situations

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  1. proxemicsthe intentional distortion of information to make it more favorable to the recipient


  2. efficient communicationoccurs at minimum cost to the sender


  3. channel richnessthe study of the way we use space


  4. feedbackthe process of telling someone else how you feel about something that person did or said


  5. filteringthe study of the way we use space


  6. credible communicationthe receiver fully understands the untended meaning


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