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  1. the process in which a solid changes directly into a gas
  2. The continual boiling and condensing of a reaction mixture to ensure that the reaction takes place without the contents of the flask boiling dry.
  3. container that can be sealed from the atmosphere and holds a drying agent
  4. A technique that uses a solid stationary phase and a moving liquid phase to separate the components of a mixture.

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  1. Gas Chromatographymixture of compounds to be separated is introduced onto the column that is packed with a stationary solid. The solid is continuously washed by a flow of solvent (mobile) passing through the column. The continuous flow of solvent throught the column and the interaction b/w the solid compounds in the mixture, separates the mixture as it passes down the colum.


  2. Recrystallizationthe process in which a solid changes directly into a gas


  3. Column ChromatographyAn analytical technique which separates mixtures based on their distribution between a stationary liquid phase and a moving gas phase.


  4. Fractional Distillationuseful to separate two liquids w/ vastly diff. boiling points at least 20 degrees C.


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