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  1. What is Hemoglobin?
  2. Platelets, also called thrombocytes are the smallest of the cells in the blood. What is their function?
  3. What is plasma?
  4. Name the major arteries in the upper limb and head and face.
  5. Red Blood Cells are formed where?
  1. a Fluid part of the blood, comprises 55% of the total blood volume and consists primarily of water (91.5%).
  2. b To prevent blood loss; important in clot formation.
  3. c Brachial artery in the upper limg and vertebral artery and carotid artery in the head and face.
  4. d Its oxygen carrying component of red blood gives the cells their red color. It helps transport oxygen as well as carbon dioxide. It is also a buffer, preventing rapid changes in the blood pH.
  5. e In the bone marrow, according to the needs of the body.

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  1. Because aspirin, given in small doses, inhibits some of the platelet functions, like clotting formation.
  2. "Faucet" regulates blood pressure; delivers blood to the capillaries.
  3. Pump blood throughout the entire body.
  4. The Cardiovascular System.
  5. 120 days about.

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  1. White blood cells (leukocytes) function is:Defense against infection. They have a nucleus and live hours to days at a time.


  2. How is the blood supplied to the heart?By the coronary arteries.


  3. Death and destruction of blood cells last how long?120 days about.


  4. The pericardium functions is ?The clotting mechanism.


  5. Where is the heart located?It rests on the diaphragm, wedged between the lungs in the mediastinum of the thorax (mediastinum is the part of the thoracic cavity located between the lungs).


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