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  1. What are arteriolles?
  2. The circulatory system is commonly known as what?
  3. Death and destruction of blood cells last how long?
  4. What is the anatomy of the "circulatory system"?
  5. Red Blood Cells are formed where?
  1. a A few days to a couple of months.
  2. b "Faucet" regulates blood pressure; delivers blood to the capillaries.
  3. c In the bone marrow, according to the needs of the body.
  4. d The Cardiovascular System.
  5. e The HEART. Its primary function is to pump blood throughout the body; it keeps the blood circulating.

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  1. Neural and Endocrine
  2. It rests on the diaphragm, wedged between the lungs in the mediastinum of the thorax (mediastinum is the part of the thoracic cavity located between the lungs).
  3. right atrium- it fills the right ventricle with blood.
    right ventricle - pumps to lungs
    left atrium - it fills the right ventricle
    left ventricle - pumps blood to systemic circulation.
  4. True.
  5. Its oxygen carrying component of red blood gives the cells their red color. It helps transport oxygen as well as carbon dioxide. It is also a buffer, preventing rapid changes in the blood pH.

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  1. What are erythrocytes?Red blood cells that carry the oxygen-carrying protein pigment hemoglobin in the circulation.


  2. What is Heparin?The clotting mechanism.


  3. How is the blood supplied to the heart?By the coronary arteries.


  4. What is plasma?Fluid part of the blood, comprises 55% of the total blood volume and consists primarily of water (91.5%).


  5. Why is aspirin given to individuals who have had a stroke or heart attack?True!


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