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  1. electric generator
  2. how to "mess up" a magnet
  3. domains
  4. Earth's core
  5. ferromagnets
  1. a magnets made or iron, nickel, cobalt or combinations of these elements
  2. b changes mechanical energy (work of machines) to electrical energy
  3. c the area of the earth with moving iron that creates our magnetic field...not every planet has this
  4. d small sections of atoms that are lined up to make a magnetic field
  5. e store it with other magnets in a disorderly way - extreme heat - dropping it - hitting it

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  1. a solenoid with a iron core...strong magnetic field
  2. changes electrical energy to mechanical energy (it can do work)
  3. ferromagnets, electromagnets, permanent, temporary
  4. easy to magnetize, but don't stay magnetized for long
  5. creating electrical current by moving a magnetic field past a coil of wires

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  1. types of turbinesferromagnets, electromagnets, permanent, temporary


  2. magnetic forcethe force of attraction or repulsion created by moving or spinning electric charges


  3. atomsa curtain of lights which result from solar wind burning up in the atmosphere at the poles


  4. permanent magnetsdifficult to magnetize, but remain magnetized for longer amounts of time


  5. magnetic poleone of two points such as the ends of a magnet that have opposite magnetic properties


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