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  1. la salade César
  2. Je vais essayer
  3. Je vais prendre
  4. les petits pois
  5. la serveuse
  1. a I am going to try
  2. b the waitress
  3. c I am going to take
  4. d green peas
  5. e Cesar salad

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  1. The service is very good at this restaurant.
  2. pumpkin pie
  3. vegetables
  4. We are taking French fries.
  5. I am waiting for the menu.

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  1. la boisson gazeusedrink


  2. Voici le menu.Here is the menu.


  3. Vous désirez?vegetables


  4. le plat principalroasted chicken


  5. Nous choisissonsGood day sir.


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