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  1. palmate leaf
  2. stomata
  3. perfect
  4. bulb
  5. inflorescence
  1. a A swollen stem structure that occurs at the base of a stem and contains many compressed leaf-like structures is called a
  2. b The epidermis has small openings which allow gas exchange which are called
  3. c These arrangement of the leaves can be grouped into two categories. When arranged like fingers on a hand, the arrangement is called:
  4. d A group of flowers on a single plant is called an
  5. e A flower which has both male and female parts is called

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  1. An organism that does not have membrane bound organelles or a nuclear membrane is called
  2. Small openings in the bark of trees and the epidermis of apples and pears which allow for gas exchange are called
  3. Thick roots which originate from above ground plants are called
  4. Cells which are dead at maturity and have thickened, often lignified cell walls are called
  5. Small extensions of cells which occur near the root tip and help increase surface area of the roots are called

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  1. phloemConducting tissue which lives and conducts sugars is


  2. CotyledonsMany flowers have become showy and colored in an attempt to entice animals to collect and transmit


  3. nodesPlants have joints where the leaves emerge and these joints are called


  4. botanyThe study of plants is called


  5. trichomesThe epidermis has small hair or bristle-like structures called


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