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Botany Exam 1 Test

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  1. vacuoles
  2. nodes
  3. botany
  4. Prokaryotic
  5. growth rings
  1. a The annual accumulation of secondary growth is evident as _______________ which appear due to unfavorable climatic conditions.
  2. b Plants have joints where the leaves emerge and these joints are called
  3. c Storage spaces in cells which hold starch, oils, or other chemicals in high concentration are called
  4. d The study of plants is called
  5. e An organism that does not have membrane bound organelles or a nuclear membrane is called

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  1. The veins on leaves can be situated in one or two manners. Most monocot leaves have veins which are alongside of each other in a
  2. Conducting tissue which lives and conducts sugars is
  3. Continuous masses of cells in the cortex of stems and roots, in the pith of stems, in leaf mesophyll and in the flesh of fruits is called
  4. Many flowers have become showy and colored in an attempt to entice animals to collect and transmit
  5. Small units within cells that function like small organs

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  1. drupeA mature ovary of a plant in which the seed is enclosed in a hardened shell with a fleshy outer layer is a


  2. stomataThe epidermis has small openings which allow gas exchange which are called


  3. CotyledonsThe storage part of a seed which emerges as a pair in dicotyledonous plants, but remains below the soil surface in monocotyledonous plants are called


  4. xylemConducting tissue which has no cell membranes and in effect is dead is called


  5. annualThe name given to plants that grow during one growing season and then flower during the next season, after which they die.


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