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  1. Cotyledons
  2. root hairs
  3. mitochondria
  4. growth rings
  5. stomata
  1. a The epidermis has small openings which allow gas exchange which are called
  2. b The annual accumulation of secondary growth is evident as _______________ which appear due to unfavorable climatic conditions.
  3. c The small organelles where the processes of respiration occur are called
  4. d Small extensions of cells which occur near the root tip and help increase surface area of the roots are called
  5. e The storage part of a seed which emerges as a pair in dicotyledonous plants, but remains below the soil surface in monocotyledonous plants are called

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  1. The leafless piece of stem between cotyledons are called
  2. A strip of impermeable material found in the cell wall of cells in the root endodermis is called the
  3. Small openings in the bark of trees and the epidermis of apples and pears which allow for gas exchange are called
  4. Plants have joints where the leaves emerge and these joints are called
  5. A flower which has both male and female parts is called

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  1. cambiumA sheet of growing tissue is called a


  2. vacuolesStorage spaces in cells which hold starch, oils, or other chemicals in high concentration are called


  3. tuberA mature ovary of a plant in which the seeds are scattered inside of a fleshy body is called a


  4. annualChloroplasts are packed with small disk-like structures called


  5. palmate leafWhen leaves have a central stalk and small leaflets arise laterally they are called


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