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  1. internodes
  2. grana
  3. inflorescence
  4. germination
  5. tap roots
  1. a A group of flowers on a single plant is called an
  2. b Chloroplasts are packed with small disk-like structures called
  3. c The process in which a seed absorbs water and begins growth is called
  4. d Thick roots which extend directly down into the soil and may exceed 50 ft. in length are called
  5. e The leafless piece of stem between cotyledons are called

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  1. A flower which has both male and female parts is called
  2. The epidermis has small openings which allow gas exchange which are called
  3. A mature ovary of a plant in which the seeds are scattered inside of a fleshy body is called a
  4. The name given to plants that grow during one growing season and then flower during the next season, after which they die.
  5. The storage part of a seed which emerges as a pair in dicotyledonous plants, but remains below the soil surface in monocotyledonous plants are called

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  1. photosynthesisChloroplasts have the function of


  2. CollenchymaStrands of living tissue found beneath the epidermis in stems and petioles that are adapted to provide support of young growing organs is called


  3. palmate leafThese arrangement of the leaves can be grouped into two categories. When arranged like fingers on a hand, the arrangement is called:


  4. parenchymaContinuous masses of cells in the cortex of stems and roots, in the pith of stems, in leaf mesophyll and in the flesh of fruits is called


  5. prop rootsThick roots which originate from above ground plants are called


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