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  1. net like (netted)
  2. cambium
  3. Casparian Strip
  4. palmate leaf
  5. fibrous roots
  1. a Most dicot leaves have crisscross veins which are in a
  2. b A sheet of growing tissue is called a
  3. c The absorptive roots of a plant which spread out in the upper 2 ft. of soil are called
  4. d These arrangement of the leaves can be grouped into two categories. When arranged like fingers on a hand, the arrangement is called:
  5. e A strip of impermeable material found in the cell wall of cells in the root endodermis is called the

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  1. Thick roots which originate from above ground plants are called
  2. A mature ovary of a plant in which the seeds are scattered inside of a fleshy body is called a
  3. A leaf which has more than one part is called a
  4. The leafless piece of stem between cotyledons are called
  5. Chloroplasts are packed with small disk-like structures called

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  1. perfectThe mature ovary of a flowering plant is called a


  2. trichomesThe epidermis has small hair or bristle-like structures called


  3. pollenConducting tissue which lives and conducts sugars is


  4. annualThe name given to plants that grow during one growing season and then flower during the next season, after which they die.


  5. CotyledonsThe storage part of a seed which emerges as a pair in dicotyledonous plants, but remains below the soil surface in monocotyledonous plants are called


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