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  1. Homologous
  2. Angiogenesis
  3. Oncogene
  4. Down syndrome
  5. Red Blood Cells
  1. a there are three copies of chromosome 21.
  2. b "erythocytes" carry oxygen and carbon dioxide
  3. c cancer-causing genes, which overstimulate cell division and allow cell to override G1 checkpoint
  4. d similar in form
  5. e the cell secretes substances that encourage blood vessels to form a close network surrounding the developing tumor. leads to failure of surrounding organs.

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  1. auditory, visual, and sensory receptors. balance.
  2. uncontrolled cell division
  3. occurs in the testes of males. process of taking one cell and ending with four cells that are called sperm.
  4. at _____ the head of the fetus is disproportionately large, and all four limbs have begun to form
  5. use this graph for proportions, percentages, and ratios/fractions

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  1. Homeostasissimilar in form


  2. accomodationeach individual member of the pair of chromosomes.


  3. Klinefelter's syndromethe tool that gives us most of our information is the ___


  4. Ectodermthis human germ layer contains: skin covering, nervous system, eyes, inner ear, lining of nose and mouth.


  5. 3 evidences of Common Descent #11. Fossil Record - seeing when fossils first appeared by evaluating the geological time chart.

    Precambrain: most distant
    Cenozoic: most recent


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