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  1. 3 evidences of Common Descent #3
  2. cerebellum
  3. Brain
  4. venules
  1. a coordinates muscle movements. balance, posture, muscle.
  2. b small vessels that gather blood from the capillaries into the veins
  3. c the ___ comes on like a dimmer switch, growing gradually over many months from nothing to being fully on
  4. d 3. Biochemical Evidence - living organisms utilize like basic biochemical components. (ATP, amino acids, proteins, DNA, and Cytochrome C = highly conserved protein)

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  1. (XYY, chromosome 23) individuals possess an extra Y sex chromosome.

    *no obvious signs or symptoms. males seem normal.
  2. trait with alleles carried on a sex chromosome.
  3. a malignant neoplasm of blood-forming tissues; characterized by numerous myeloblasts in the blood stream.
  4. a single tumor cell's gene, that requires a cell to stop dividing when it contacts its neighboring cells, has mutated. the cells can pile on top one another without restraint to form large tumors.
  5. occurs in the testes of males. process of taking one cell and ending with four cells that are called sperm.

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  1. Cochleasite of the auditory transduction. fluid filled structure which consists of two membranes with hair cells.


  2. ECGthere are __ days in a year in which a woman can become pregnant


  3. Autosomal Dominant-Recessive traitsperm and secondary oocyte meet in the ___ where fertilization takes place


  4. Schistomsoma Mansoniparasitic infection that feeds off of the intestinal lumen. it has an oral sucker that helps it attach to the intestine for feeding.


  5. Myopianear-sighted


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