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  1. cytoplasm
  2. microscopy
  3. cell membrane
  4. convex lens
  5. longitudal section
  1. a research with the use of microscopes
  2. b a curved lens in which the center is thicker than the edges
  3. c thin, flexible barrier around a cell
  4. d a plane along the axis of an organ
  5. e a jellylike fluid inside the cell\

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  1. An instrument that makes small objects look larger.
  2. to bend light so that it looks like it is broken
  3. strong layer around the cell membrane
  4. the building blocks of your body
  5. make large

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  1. orgena collection of tissue


  2. specimensample of tissue or fluid


  3. chlroplasta jellylike fluid inside the cell\


  4. chlorophyllan organelle found only in plants


  5. organellea specialized part of a cell


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