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  1. Scoff
  2. Engross
  3. Entail
  4. Rue
  5. Vitality
  1. a (v.) to occupy the complete attention, absorb fully
  2. b (v.) to make fun of; to show contempt for
  3. c (v.) to put a burden on, impose, require, involve; to restrict ownership of property by limiting inheritance; (n.) such a restriction
  4. d (n.) strength, energy, liveliness; the capacity to live and develop; the power to endure or survive
  5. e (v.) to regret, be sorry for; (n.) a feeling of regret

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  1. (n.) fear, fright, trembling
  2. (v.) to think out, plan, figure out, invent, create
  3. (adj.) pleasing in appearance or personality, attractive
  4. (v.) to become used to; to cause to become used to
  5. (n.) an exchange in trade; (v.) to exchange goods

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  1. Curt(v.) to regret, be sorry for; (n.) a feeling of regret


  2. Veritable(adj.) actual, true, real


  3. Accord(n.) agreement, harmony; (v.) to agree, be in harmony or bring into harmony; to grant; bestow on


  4. Vex(v.) to regret, be sorry for; (n.) a feeling of regret


  5. Whimsical(adj.) subject to odd ideas, notions, or fancies; playful; unpredictable


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