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  1. Marital conflict can cause
  2. differences in children affect parenting style
  3. impact on self regulation and social behavior (NOT ON STUDY GUIDE)
  4. parental beliefs and values related to SES
  5. influences impact of divorce: parental conflict
  1. a day care for many hours a day and many different caregivers related to more problem behaviors. Risk of problem behavior increases with # of hours spent, especially in center care
  2. b physical attractiveness; attractive children treated more affectionately. behavior and temperament; degree to which they are emotionally negative, unregulated, disobedient. perceptions of parents attitudes can impact self-image
  3. c distress, may cause insecurity
  4. d low SES value conformity in children, high SES value independence and autonomy.
  5. e hostility towards children or uninvolved parents. inconsistent parenting. Parents less likely to support each other in parenting. Kids face increased risk of depression, loneliness, unregulated behavior, delinquency, substance abuse

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  1. approximately 1 million children experience divorce each year. about half of these acquire stepparent within 4 years. about 10% experience two divorces before age 16
  2. talk more to kids, better communication between parent and child.
  3. responsiveness; degree of parental warmth. demandingness; degree of parenting control
  4. (high demandingness, low responsiveness)cold/unresponsive to child's needs. extremely controlling and/or demanding. Expect children to comply without question. use threats and punishments to exercise parental power
  5. economic, social isolation; more irritable, less warm, less consistent parenting, less able to monitor children

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  1. rates of poverty in us(2010) (NOT ON STUDY GUIDE)in 1996, about 6% of kids lived with a stepparent(80% of which were stepfathers). Entry of stepparent into family can be very stressful for children; reassess their position in family, wonder if mom will be happier, have to balance acceptance of stepparent while maintaing relationship with biological parent


  2. stepfathers (NOT ON STUDY GUIDE)difficult position--expected to enforce discipline and run household, causing conflict between step moms and kids. very little known about step moms relationship with stepchildren--stepmoms are rare


  3. Baumrind(1973) 4 parenting styles:authoritative, authoritarian, permissive, rejecting/neglecting


  4. family dynamics on parenthoodhow the family operates as a whole. All members influence each other in multiple ways. Not just behavior that affects other family members, but nature too(e.g., biological characteristics of parents and children
    (key concept, can explain)


  5. socialization(high demandingness, high responsiveness) demanding, but warm and responsive. set clear standards and limits,monitor behavior, firm enforcement of important limits


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