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  1. Marital conflict can cause
  2. Parenting styles: 2 dimensions of special importance
  3. influences impact of divorce: age of child
  4. stepmothers (NOT ON STUDY GUIDE)
  5. Summary for functions of family
  1. a responsiveness; degree of parental warmth. demandingness; degree of parenting control
  2. b family structure and familial relationships have clear impact on child development. family dynamics are central and can overcome many potentially negative factors. Changing family structures do not appear to undermine what was traditionally though to be ideal ways to raise children
  3. c hostility towards children or uninvolved parents. inconsistent parenting. Parents less likely to support each other in parenting. Kids face increased risk of depression, loneliness, unregulated behavior, delinquency, substance abuse
  4. d difficult position--expected to enforce discipline and run household, causing conflict between step moms and kids. very little known about step moms relationship with stepchildren--stepmoms are rare
  5. e harder for younger children to understands, afraid of abandonment; older children have trouble with adjustment, especially if stepparent

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  1. lower in competence(social and academic). unhappy and unfriendly. low in self-confidence
  2. not much of a relationship. But higher quality care associated with better outcomes in specific areas. Some evidence for positive impact of day care on cognitive tasks
  3. maternal employment in US increased from 17% to 72% between 1955 and 1988.
  4. disturbed attachment as infants. poor peer relationships in childhood. in adolescence, exhibit: antisocial behavior, poor self regulation, internalizing problems(e.g., depressing,withdrawal), more likely to use drugs, engage in sex, low academic and social competence
  5. varies greatly from family to family, and even from child to child in a given family

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  1. sociocultural context matter: for 1st generation chinese american adolescentsauthoritarian parenting does not equal negative effects; lower levels of deviant behavior. higher academic competence


  2. Divorce factsapproximately 1 million children experience divorce each year. about half of these acquire stepparent within 4 years. about 10% experience two divorces before age 16


  3. Older parentsprimarily positive effects; more economically stable, pregnancies more likely to be planned, more knowledge about parenting, more positive in parenting than younger parents(but only if first child)


  4. influences impact of divorce: parental conflictdistress, may cause insecurity


  5. Potential effects of divorcegreater risk for psychological, social, academic, and relationship problems. greater risk of divorce for themselves. slightly greater risk fro emotional disorders(anxiety& depression). but most (75%-80%) do not suffer significant enduring problems


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