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  1. cradle of Paris
  2. Napoleon's tomb
  3. oldest part of the university of pairs
  4. Gallic tribe that founded Lutece
  5. right bank
  1. a les Invalides
  2. b la rive driot-at the top
  3. c Parisii
  4. d sorbonne
  5. e ile de la cite

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  1. Saint Geneveive
  2. gaul
  3. Musee d'Orsay
  4. le Pantheon
  5. Lutece

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  1. former palace and prisonPont Neuf


  2. inside-out building, Museum of Modern artle Centre Pompidou


  3. where Mona Lisa is locatedMusee de Louvre


  4. park devoted to science and technologyla Conciergerie


  5. Mona Lisala Jaconde


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