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  1. encompass
  2. incomprehensible
  3. sheepish
  4. assailant
  5. depict
  1. a a person who attacks violently (with blows or words)
  2. b embarrassed; resembling a sheep in meekness; timid
  3. c impossible to understand
  4. d to portray; to represent or show in the form of a picture
  5. e to encircle, go or reach aound; to enclose; to include with a certain group or class

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  1. to handle or use skillfully; to manage or control for personal gain or advantage
  2. to force, compel; to restrain; hold back
  3. unfavorable, negative; working against, hostile
  4. to meet face-to-face, especially as a challenge; come to grips with
  5. to wrinkle; make uneven; to annoy, upset; to flip through; a gathered strip of material used for trimming edges; a ripple; a low drumbeat

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  1. contemporaryto force, compel; to restrain; hold back


  2. disinterestedpeaceful, calm; free of emotional upset; clear and free of storm; majestic, grand


  3. maximumthe greatest possbile amount or degree; reaching the greatest possbile amount or degree


  4. staminathe strength needed to keep going or overcome physical or mental strain; staying power


  5. hypocriteto portray; to represent or show in the form of a picture


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