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  1. ________ is the chemical and mechanical breakdown of food into small molecules, whole ________ is the uptake of these small molecules by the bodies cells
  2. You would find the axons of interneurons ___________
  3. Skeletal muscles are controlled by _______
  4. This is true of the somatic system _________
  5. made by the liver; helps emulsify fats
  1. a Digestion, Absorption
  2. b Bile
  3. c Somatic nerves
  4. d it controls skeletal muscles
  5. e in the brain and the spinal cord

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  1. The heart
  2. Sensory transduction
  3. %55
  4. at blood vessels
  5. (A and B) Transports lipids absorbed from small INT. to blood stream, recovers interstitial fluid at the venous end of capillaries and transports it back the blood stream

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  1. At the arterial end of the capillary bed, a small amount of protein-free plasma is pushed through clefts in the capillary wall. This process is called ________ultrafiltration


  2. the aorta leaves the ________Left ventricle


  3. the cerebrum is the part of the ________Forebrain


  4. Bile has roles in _______ digestion and absorptionFat


  5. In most capillaries, the adjoining cells have narrow clefts between them that allow the ions and other small, water-soluble substances, as well as white blood cells to enter and leave. in capillaries in the ________ high junctions cells and clefts are nonexistent.Alveolar Sacs


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