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  1. Chyme is formed in the _________
  2. True or False "All arteries carry oxygen-rich blood, while all veins carry oxygen-poor blood"
  3. Which type of white blood cells makes antibodies?
  4. Starch Digestion begins in the _________
  5. the cerebrum is the part of the ________
  1. a B Cells
  2. b Forebrain
  3. c Stomach
  4. d False
  5. e Mouth

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  1. Presbyopia
  2. T Cells
  3. True
  4. Dendrites
  5. as bicarbonate

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  1. This part of the body does not belong to the digestive system ______The heart


  2. In most capillaries, the adjoining cells have narrow clefts between them that allow the ions and other small, water-soluble substances, as well as white blood cells to enter and leave. in capillaries in the ________ high junctions cells and clefts are nonexistent.Alveolar Sacs


  3. made by the pancreas; acts on protein fragmentsTrypsin


  4. ________ Carry impulses from muscles and other organs to the CNST Cells


  5. the aorta leaves the ________Left ventricle


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