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  1. ________ are targets of T Cells.
  2. ________ secretes bicarbonate that buffers against HC1 secretion from stomach lining.
  3. You would find the axons of interneurons ___________
  4. ________ is the chemical and mechanical breakdown of food into small molecules, whole ________ is the uptake of these small molecules by the bodies cells
  5. The largest number of bacteria thrive in the ________
  1. a Large intestine
  2. b in the brain and the spinal cord
  3. c Virus infected body cells
  4. d Pancreas
  5. e Digestion, Absorption

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  1. Left ventricle
  2. False
  3. (A and C) Taste and Smell
  4. Dendrites
  5. They have an outer layer of elastic tissue

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  1. This statement is true about the lymph vascular system__________it controls skeletal muscles


  2. made by the pancreas; acts on protein fragmentsLipase


  3. Most carbon dioxide in blood is transported _________Mouth


  4. Bile has roles in _______ digestion and absorptionFat


  5. Made by the pancreas; acts on fatLipase


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