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  1. Skeletal muscles are controlled by _______
  2. This enzyme is not secreted by the small intestine _________
  3. The thalamus is part of the ________
  4. Which type of white blood cells makes antibodies?
  5. This is true of the somatic system _________
  1. a Forebrain
  2. b Somatic nerves
  3. c it controls skeletal muscles
  4. d Chymotrypsin
  5. e B Cells

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  1. Rod Cells
  2. Left ventricle
  3. as bicarbonate
  4. T Cells
  5. sensory adaptation

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  1. At the arterial end of the capillary bed, a small amount of protein-free plasma is pushed through clefts in the capillary wall. This process is called ________ultrafiltration


  2. the cerebrum is the part of the ________Left ventricle


  3. Chyme is formed in the _________Left ventricle


  4. Made by the pancreas; acts on fatTrypsin


  5. Which of the following activities would be associated with the parasympathetic division of the nervous system?B Cells


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