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  1. el patinaje
  2. No me importa.
  3. la escalada deportiva
  4. la batería
  5. el buceo
  1. a It doesn't matter to me.
  2. b the drums
  3. c scuba diving
  4. d rock climbing
  5. e skating

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  1. mountain climbing
  2. to ice-skate
  3. to go scuba diving
  4. to be a cyclist
  5. to roller-skate

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  1. patinar en líneato go inline skating


  2. ¡Qué paliza!skating


  3. No me interesa para nada.It doesn't interest me at all.


  4. Como quieras.Whatever (you want).


  5. Soy un(a) fanático(a) de...I am fed up with...


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