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  1. Me la paso...
  2. pasear en velero
  3. escuchar música
  4. No me interesa para nada.
  5. ¡Qué paliza!
  1. a It doesn't interest me at all.
  2. b What a drag!
  3. c I spend my time...
  4. d to go sailing
  5. e to listen to music

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  1. skating
  2. water skiing
  3. the flute
  4. I'm crazy about...
  5. It's all the same to me.

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  1. coleccionar adhesivos/sellosto collect stickers/stamps


  2. jugar a los videojuegosto play cards


  3. escalar montañasto go mountain climbing


  4. ir a la playato go to the beach


  5. bucearto go scuba diving


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