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  1. patinar sobre ruedas
  2. Como quieras.
  3. patinar en línea
  4. la fotografía
  5. jugar a las cartas
  1. a photography
  2. b to roller-skate
  3. c to go inline skating
  4. d to play cards
  5. e Whatever (you want).

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  1. to play an instrument
  2. rock climbing
  3. It seems really boring to me.
  4. I'm a big fan of...
  5. to take pictures

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  1. Estoy loco(a) por...I am fed up with...


  2. Me la paso...It's all the same to me.


  3. Me da igual.I spend my time...


  4. pasear en veleroto go sailing


  5. el clarineteskating


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