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  1. hacer esquí acuático
  2. el esquí acuático
  3. Como quieras.
  4. la vela
  5. Me parece un rollo.
  1. a water skiing
  2. b It seems really boring to me.
  3. c to water ski
  4. d Whatever (you want).
  5. e sailing

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  1. What a drag!
  2. to be a cyclist
  3. to listen to music
  4. I'm a big fan of...
  5. to read comics

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  1. sacar fotosto take pictures


  2. jugar a las cartasto play cards


  3. coleccionar adhesivos/sellosto collect stickers/stamps


  4. patinar sobre hieloto ice-skate


  5. Me da igual.It's all the same to me.


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