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  1. ethernet
  2. HTML
  3. LAN
  4. WAN
  5. tera
  1. a the most common technology for connecting computers and other digital equipment (like routers)
  2. b trillion
  3. c wide-area-network: a network of computers spanning a large geographical area
  4. d hyper-text-markup-language: the language that web pages are written in
  5. e local area network: a network with computers in the same vicinity

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  1. the language of communications between computers or programs (HTTP, FTP, TCP/IP)
  2. having four computers on the same chip and therefore really being able to do four things at the same time
  3. Voice Over Internet Protocol: getting the computer and network to carry voice telephone calls
  4. the style of addressing of computer communications packets
  5. Universal Serial Bus: the connector (port) used by most devices that connects to computers

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  1. CPUgraphics processing unit


  2. CRTCathode-Ray-Tube


  3. malware"bad" program


  4. spywareprogram that watches what you surf and reports it to others


  5. bytea space for one of two possible symbols


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