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  1. mega
  2. USB
  3. download
  4. upload
  5. RAM
  1. a a storage device that's faster, more accessible, and stores short term memory that's forgotten when computer's turned off
  2. b Universal Serial Bus: the connector (port) used by most devices that connects to computers
  3. c sending data from your computer to another computer
  4. d million
  5. e getting data from other computers into yours

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  1. temporary storage for frequently used items (frequently visited webpages, often used computer data, etc)
  2. the style of addressing of computer communications packets
  3. program that watches what you surf and reports it to others
  4. various flavors of the free LINUX operating system
  5. "bad" program

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  1. teratrillion


  2. HTTPhyper-text-transport-protocol: the communications language that web servers and web browsers use to talk to each other


  3. protocolhyper-text-markup-language: the language that web pages are written in


  4. BIOSa space for one of two possible symbols


  5. GPUgraphics processing unit


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