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  1. upload
  2. Linux/Ubuntu/Red Hat
  3. kilo
  4. Plasma
  5. adware
  1. a creates popup ads that you might not be able to turn off
  2. b various flavors of the free LINUX operating system
  3. c gas plasma discharge
  4. d thousand
  5. e sending data from your computer to another computer

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  1. million
  2. a storage space for eight bits (256 possibilities)
  3. the large green plastic electronics board to which the main components of the computer are attached
  4. the language of communications between computers or programs (HTTP, FTP, TCP/IP)
  5. harmful program that deletes things, and sends spam without your knowledge

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  1. CPUcentral processing unit


  2. nanobillionth


  3. TCP/IPthe style of addressing of computer communications packets


  4. malware"bad" program


  5. firewalla computer or program that protects your computer from unwanted communication connections


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