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  1. operating system
  2. upload
  3. WAN
  4. RAM
  5. algorithm
  1. a a storage device that's faster, more accessible, and stores short term memory that's forgotten when computer's turned off
  2. b sending data from your computer to another computer
  3. c a method for doing something, for instance: a recipe
  4. d wide-area-network: a network of computers spanning a large geographical area
  5. e the main program that controls all other programs on your computer. (Windows XP, Mac OSX, Linux)

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  1. a short-distance communication mechanism between digital devices (between cellphones and headphones)
  2. central processing unit
  3. a computer or program that protects your computer from unwanted communication connections
  4. Cathode-Ray-Tube
  5. the style of addressing of computer communications packets

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  1. Hard Drivecomputer memory storage device that stores long term memory but is hard to change/access


  2. micromillionth


  3. protocolthe language of communications between computers or programs (HTTP, FTP, TCP/IP)


  4. HTMLhyper-text-markup-language: the language that web pages are written in


  5. HTTPhyper-text-markup-language: the language that web pages are written in


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