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  1. GPU
  2. RAM
  3. virus
  4. VOIP
  5. HTML
  1. a a storage device that's faster, more accessible, and stores short term memory that's forgotten when computer's turned off
  2. b harmful program that deletes things, and sends spam without your knowledge
  3. c hyper-text-markup-language: the language that web pages are written in
  4. d graphics processing unit
  5. e Voice Over Internet Protocol: getting the computer and network to carry voice telephone calls

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  1. program that watches what you surf and reports it to others
  2. various flavors of the free LINUX operating system
  3. different graphics formats for still pictures
  4. local area network: a network with computers in the same vicinity
  5. Cathode-Ray-Tube

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  1. NIC (card)network-interface-card: communicates between the computer and the network


  2. kiloa space for one of two possible symbols


  3. adware"bad" program


  4. HTTPhyper-text-transport-protocol: the communications language that web servers and web browsers use to talk to each other


  5. quad-corehaving two computers on the same chip and therefore really being able to do two things at the same time


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