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  1. haciendas
  2. Slavery
  3. viceroyalty
  4. Phillipines
  5. African Diaspora
  1. a the practice of holding a person in bondage for labor
  2. b country where Magellan was killed
  3. c Provinces of New Spain and Peru
  4. d large estates
  5. e forced removal of slaves from Africa - depopulation

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  1. one of the first explorers to chart a northern route across the Atlantic Ocean in search of Asia. An italian sailor who explored for the English.
  2. large farms that raised cash crops
  3. Italian who set out under the French flagto find the Northwest Passage.
  4. number of ships Magellan sailed with.
  5. led an expedition of 180 men into Peru

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  1. viceroyProvinces of New Spain and Peru


  2. mercantilismbelief that some people are inferior because of their race


  3. Huguenotslarge estates


  4. Racismbelief that some people are inferior because of their race


  5. Treaty of TordesillasAztec Capital


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