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  1. viceroyalty
  2. Columbian Exchange
  3. conquistadors
  4. Ferdinand Magellan
  5. Treaty of Tordesillas
  1. a the movement of things between hemispheres
  2. b Moved the Line of Demarcation more than 800 miles farther west
  3. c Portuguese sailor who proposed to reach Asia by sailing west around South America.
  4. d Provinces of New Spain and Peru
  5. e Spanish conquerors

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  1. Spanish conquistador that explored and claimed land for Spain
  2. economic system of increasing money in a countries treasury by creating a favorable balance of trade.
  3. large farms that raised cash crops
  4. top official of a viceroyalty
  5. laws to regulate the treatment of slaves

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  1. haciendaslarge estates


  2. Popeled the Pueblo Indians in a rebellion against the Spanish


  3. 5number of ships Magellan sailed with.


  4. encomiendaa grant of Native American labor


  5. Phillipinescountry where Magellan was killed


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