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  1. John Cabot
  2. plantations
  3. missionaries
  4. Giovanni da Verrazzano
  5. haciendas
  1. a large farms that raised cash crops
  2. b large estates
  3. c one of the first explorers to chart a northern route across the Atlantic Ocean in search of Asia. An italian sailor who explored for the English.
  4. d they wanted to spread the word of Christianity beyond Europe, expand their empires, and become rich
  5. e Italian who set out under the French flagto find the Northwest Passage.

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  1. fought for the better treatment of Native Americans. He was a Catholic Priest
  2. Spanish conquerors
  3. the practice of holding a person in bondage for labor
  4. number of men on Magellan's ship
  5. Aztec Capital

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  1. viceroytop official of a viceroyalty


  2. Spanish Armadabelief that some people are inferior because of their race


  3. middle passagevoyage from Africa to the Americas - the middle leg of the triangular trade


  4. MontezumaAztec emperor


  5. germstransfered during the Columbian Exchange


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