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  1. plantations
  2. Ferdinand Magellan
  3. viceroyalty
  4. middle passage
  5. Henry Hudson
  1. a Provinces of New Spain and Peru
  2. b sailed under Dutch flag and hoped to find route to China. He found present day New York and sailed up the River named after him. He later found anther large bay area named after him.
  3. c Portuguese sailor who proposed to reach Asia by sailing west around South America.
  4. d large farms that raised cash crops
  5. e voyage from Africa to the Americas - the middle leg of the triangular trade

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  1. a grant of Native American labor
  2. transfered during the Columbian Exchange
  3. Spanish conquerors
  4. traveled up the St. Lawrence River to the site of present day Montreal Canada
  5. killed millions of Native Americans

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  1. John CabotAztec emperor


  2. haciendaslarge estates


  3. Hernando CortezSpanish conquistador that explored and claimed land for Spain


  4. smaller faster shipsreason English beat the Spanish Armada


  5. slave codeslaws to regulate the treatment of slaves


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