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  1. Francisco Pizarro
  2. encomienda
  3. viceroyalty
  4. diseases
  5. 240
  1. a killed millions of Native Americans
  2. b number of men on Magellan's ship
  3. c Provinces of New Spain and Peru
  4. d a grant of Native American labor
  5. e led an expedition of 180 men into Peru

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  1. Spanish conquistador that explored and claimed land for Spain
  2. voyage from Africa to the Americas - the middle leg of the triangular trade
  3. Aztec emperor
  4. sailed under Dutch flag and hoped to find route to China. He found present day New York and sailed up the River named after him. He later found anther large bay area named after him.
  5. forced removal of slaves from Africa - depopulation

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  1. Columbian Exchangethe movement of things between hemispheres


  2. Phillipineschurch built settlements that included a church, town, and farmlands. The goal was to convert Native Americans to Christianity.


  3. Treaty of TordesillasMoved the Line of Demarcation more than 800 miles farther west


  4. Huguenotslarge estates


  5. Ferdinand Magellanforced removal of slaves from Africa - depopulation


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