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  1. Ferdinand Magellan
  2. Phillipines
  3. Spanish Armada
  4. slave codes
  5. viceroy
  1. a sent by Philip to conquer England and restore Catholicism to that nation
  2. b country where Magellan was killed
  3. c top official of a viceroyalty
  4. d laws to regulate the treatment of slaves
  5. e Portuguese sailor who proposed to reach Asia by sailing west around South America.

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  1. Italian sailor who set out in 1501 to find a sea route to Asia. Continent named after him
  2. large farms that raised cash crops
  3. one of the first explorers to chart a northern route across the Atlantic Ocean in search of Asia. An italian sailor who explored for the English.
  4. traveled up the St. Lawrence River to the site of present day Montreal Canada
  5. large estates

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  1. viceroyaltytop official of a viceroyalty


  2. missionsthey wanted to spread the word of Christianity beyond Europe, expand their empires, and become rich


  3. middle passagekilled millions of Native Americans


  4. Columbian Exchangethe movement of things between hemispheres


  5. Popenumber of ships Magellan sailed with.


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