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  1. Who was Alexander Fleming?
  2. What is passive immunity?
  3. True or false? When you receive a vaccination you always get sick.
  4. Example of active immunity.
  5. When does a baby acquire some passive immunity before birth?
  1. a When antibodies are given to a person...the person's immune system doesn't make them.
  2. b False, you usually do not.
  3. c In Britain, he observed that bacteria growing on laboratory plates were killed when various fungi grew on the same plate. He discovered that one fungus produced a substance that killed bacteria ---penicillin
  4. d This immuni results from antibodies that are passed from the another's blood into the baby's blood during pregnancy
  5. e Chickenpox. First time you get it your body responds to virus by producing antibodies. The next time, it produces the antibodies so quick you don't get sick.

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  1. The process by which harmless antigens are deliberately introduced into a person's body to produce active immunity
  2. A professor from the USA that showed that people injected with killed polio viruses did not get the disease, but produced the antibodies against it
  3. Drugs that can be purchased without a doctor's prescription.
  4. By injection, by mouth, or through a nasal spray
  5. Immunity

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  1. True or false , no one is immune to all diseasesTrue


  2. Active immunity often lasts for ...No more than a few months


  3. What is an antibiotic?Consists of pathogens that have been weakened or killed but can still trigger the immune system to go to action


  4. A person acquires passive immunity when..When antibodies are given to a person...the person's immune system doesn't make them.


  5. True or false? There are medications that are effective against viral illnesses, including the common cold.True


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