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  1. The variety of English spoken in the United States that is considered correct
  2. Mode of speaking that emphasizes rich, expressive language
  3. Manner of speaking wherein the inten¬tions of the speakers are hidden or only hinted at during interaction
  4. A cultural context wherein the speakers of a language are limited as to what they can say or do verbally. A restricted code is a status-oriented system.
  5. A language variety associated with a particular region or social group
  6. The idea that from a finite set of rules, a speaker of any language can create or generate an infinite number of sentences, many of which have never before been uttered

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  1. direct styleManner of speaking where one employs overt expressions of intention


  2. languageA systematic set of sounds, combined with a set of rules, for the sole purpose of communicating


  3. phonemeSmallest meaningful unit of sound; a combi¬nation of phonemes


  4. symbolArbitrarily selected and learned stimulus repre¬senting something else


  5. succinct styleManner of speaking where persons say no more or less than is needed to communicate a point


  6. personal styleMode of speaking that emphasizes rich, expressive language


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